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Writing Vows Together

My fiance and I have decided we'd like to write our own vows. I am a better writer/better at putting my thoughts into words than he is, and we figured this would remove some pressure. 

I am wondering if people have done this before and have recommendations for a format?

I also am toying of each of us still writing our own little 1-2-sentence vows before the rest together, but think maybe having a template for him would be a little bit more helpful.


Re: Writing Vows Together

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    While you're writing, remember that "vow" means "promise," so don't just write love letters.

    I like the idea of each of you writing a couple of sentences, then taking it from there together.
  • Our plan is to use traditional vows as a base. There's tons of "traditional" vows depending on your denomination. I downloaded about four different versions and we will go through and make changes to exact wording based on what we like and don't like. 
  • I like the idea of working together.  It lessens the pressure on each individual partner and also avoids the potential awkwardness of lopsided vows.
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