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Invitations- Wording for not able to include a date

Hi Girls,

We are having a small wedding and unfortunately not everyone we are inviting can bring a date with them. I know this can be a controversial topic, but since the venue is small and we can really only include family and close friends we have decided that ones who are not dating someone will not be offered a +1.

How on the response card do you word this appropriatelty to A. not offend and B. ensure they know they are to come solo.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Invitations- Wording for not able to include a date

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    hi there. i'm in the same boat. i did two things. i first starting spreading the word that this is a very intimate and close wedding. maybe on your invite you can also word it to suggest an intimate celebration...

    on the rsvp card we basically just wrote "we are reserving __ seats in your honor" so for the singles, we'll only put "1".

    hope this helps!

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    The way you word the actual invitation should be enough.  If the outer envelope says, Ms. Jane Doe and the inner envelope reads Jane, it should be perfectly clear that Jane is not invited with a guest.  If Jane RSVPs for more then one, then you have to call her.  Anyone with a sense of etiquette should get the message.
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    Most people know that unless the invitation says "and guest," they are not welcome to bring a date.  We were in the same situation that you're in, and most of our guests were respectful of this.  But, of course, there were a few that weren't.  In those cases you just have to call and explain that there was a misunderstanding and that the invitation was for him or her only.  They'll understand.
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    thanks for all the help girls!  i think the idea of reserivng # seats for you is a good idea as well!
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