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Two Year Wedding Timeline

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Re: Two Year Wedding Timeline

  • I agree to wait to choose your wedding party, wait a bit longer to buy your dress, definitely wait longer to buy the WP dress (P.S. they should not be required to buy accessories- if they do, the B/G should be covering this. Let them manage their own fittings- they are adults, they don't need their hands held). And no delegation of tasks to anyone but the B&G. People can offer to help you, but no one is required or should be expected to.

    Any vendor related items can be booked well in advance (such as 12-24 months out), because all you are doing is book that venue or vendor for the day. Finalizing what you are getting comes closer to the wedding.
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    OP, it is rude to delete or alter your original question.  You received good advice.  Others might benefit by your question.  You cannot close a discussion.  Only the moderators can do that.  So rude to the people who have been kind enough to take their time to try and help you.  Please don't do this again.
  • I was really interested in seeing and giving my opinion on this, since I am in the final weeks of a 20-month-long engagement.

    We researched for a few months before doing anything but setting a date. The first thing we did officially was book our venue (a year and a half early). I also got my wedding dress (not always the smartest idea, but I haven't changed in size since I was 12-- hit puberty, filled out, stopped growing. I'm 27 and can still fit in my seventh-grade formal gown). Everything else we waited until a year out to start really planning. Got our photographer exactly 13 months before the wedding, and everything else done one about a normal timeline.

    For anyone looking at this point for ideas for planning your own long engagement, I highly suggest enjoying the extra research time, and getting the practical, contractual stuff out of the way as soon as you're sure it's what you want. Do the "normal" timeline for invites and deciding WP.

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