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Bridal Shower Favors and Gifts for Hosts

I wanted to get or make little favors for my friends and family to take home from my shower as well as get gifts for the two women hosting my shower....any ideas? Its this weekend!!!! Thanks!

Re: Bridal Shower Favors and Gifts for Hosts

  • Agree that you shouldn't be providing a favour for your own shower. Do proper thank you notes post shower and you've done your duty. I would shop for the hosts like it is their birthday. I've hosted a lot of showers (baby and wedding) and been given plants, wine, gift certificates, IOU for thank you dinner out, a manicure and movie passes.
  • Thank you all....I didn't get favors (I read this but was going crazy with anxiety as I hate the attention on me) and the shower was wonderful! Infact my hostesses sent everyone home with custom made cookies :) I got each of the 3 hostesses a card and starbucks gift cards which they all loved. I finished my Thank you notes the next day and I got a bunch of amazing gifts! Just 2 months until the big day now!
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