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Colored wedding dress

Has anyone not had a white/ivory/champagne/etc wedding dress?

Specifically, I'm looking at a red dress.... not totally red... but the bodice is red, and there's a layered frilly part on the skirt... over a white wedding-ish type skirt... 

our colors are going to be red and black.

I know my mother is going to flip, but I just love love love the look.

It's my second wedding, his first.

Re: Colored wedding dress

  • YES!!!  I'm having a colored dress.  It's my second wedding as well, and I am having a dress that has an ivory bodice, and then a ruffly multicolored skirt!  It will be very similar to the zoltova dress by Wai Ching.

    You rock that red dress lady :smile:

    My only caution would be that if your mom is contributing to the wedding/dress she may feel like she gets veto power.  So, if that's the case, I would consider paying for the dress yourself so that you have final say.
  • She's not, at this time. She may decide to contribute, but for now we're paying for everything on our own.
  • Go for it! It's your wedding, your body, your dress. 
  • DrillSergeantCatDrillSergeantCat Oklahoma City, OK member
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    I was going to do pink because it was my second marriage, but I fell in love with a white dress. Go for your red dress. I want to see pictures.
  • These are some that I really like.

    The final choice may be slightly different, because of financial limits... but I'd really like something like this.

    1.jpg 25.7K
    2.jpg 36.9K
    3.jpg 32.9K
    4.jpg 32.7K
    5.jpg 117.4K
  • ei34ei34 member
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    The bride's dress color isn't something that impacts guest comfort, so straying from white is fine (especially since you're paying for your wedding aka no strings from anyone else).  If you were choosing red just to piss your mom off, I'd side eye a touch, but if you genuinely like the color then go for it!  B)
  • lol, I'm not picking red to piss her off. I love the dresses, love the look.

    I also happen to be aware she will not.
  • Those are some pretty dresses.  I really like the pop of color idea (even though I ended up in all white lol!).  The dress is one of the few things where (if you're paying) you get to say "This is my special day and I can do whatever I want!"  As long as you love it and can afford it while still hosting a proper wedding there is no problem.
  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    I have only seen one dress that was really inappropriate as a wedding dress.  It was also red, with lots of red sequins.  It just revealed too much for the planned church ceremony, and the minister told the bride to cover up.  It looked like something a stripper would wear on stage.

    Those dresses you posted look beautiful.  About 2004, wedding dresses with color pops were very popular.  I remember red, purple, royal blue, and green as choices.  You can choose whatever you wish as long as it fits the formality and time of day.
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    I love the one with the red bodice and red lace trimmed veil!
  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Quote: "The final choice may be slightly different, because of financial limits... but I'd really like something like this."

    Who makes these beautiful gowns?

    Have you checked out Pearl's Place?  They are an established brick and mortar store in the New Orleans area, and they will order the authentic dress for you at a significant discount.  All sales are final.  No discount on Maggie Sottero :(, and David's Bridal dresses are only sold through DB, since they make their own dresses.

    My daughter used Pearl's Place, and we paid $730 for a Demetrios dress that sold for $1300 in the bridal salon.  Of course, you have to get your own independent alterations.  They do not like to sell you a dress if you have not actually tried it on in person somewhere.

  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Oops.  I've done a little research on your photos.  Many of these photos are years old, and the dresses are no longer being made.  You can find these photos on Chinese knock off websites.  Don't even think about ordering from them!

    Before you fall in love with a picture you found on the internet, you need to get more information.  Check out original designers websites, like DB, Alfred Angelo, DaVinci, Morilee, etc.

    Another alternative is to find a previously owned dress.  As I posted earlier, these "pop of color" styles were popular about six years ago.  I am guessing this is where most of your photos are from.  You will need to know the original designer name and style number.  Do be sure you are buying an authentic dress, and not a Chinese knock off.

    You didn't say what size you need, but here are possibilities:

    Remember!  NEVER buy from China!

  • CMGragain said:

    Remember!  NEVER buy from China!

    LOL that, I DO know.  I'm lucky in that a good family friend is a seamstress... so no worries there.

    I will be checking out the links though, thanks for those!
  • This is another good website for previously owned dresses:

  • I am a big believer that a bride should wear whatever she feels best and most beautiful in for her wedding. For some people that's a white or ivory wedding dress, but for some people it's something completely different. You do you, and I'm sure you'll look great! 
  • Fun fact did you know it was Queen Victoria who started the tradition to wear white? At that time you would buy a new dress to wear on the day - but then you'd wear it again and as such generally get a colour that wouldn't stain easily.
    Queen Victoria had a white dress made to show her wealth and station because she wouldn't need to wear it again.

    So yeah - I thought that was cool that it wasn't actually about virginity in the beginning that came after (bo!!!) I think it's super interesting. And something you can say if anyone questions the choice to not wear white.

    Also, I think that red is quite a common choice for not white so I think if you call boutiques near where you live you can ask if they have any red dresses for you. Or if you say you have a family friend who's a seamstress why not ask her to make one?
  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216 member
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    One of my friends wore something similar to this for her wedding (her H is Scottish, and the tartan part was in his family's tartan).

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