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So my dad bought me a string of pearls to wear on my wedding day. He is so proud of them and excited for me to wear them. It is such a precious gift and I really hate to disappoint him, but I don't like the way they look with my dress. It totally changes my look. I would honestly rather wear no necklace at all, but I'm not sure how to tell my dad without hurting his feelings. Any suggestions?

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  • That's a great idea! I will try it!
  • I like the wrist suggestion from @CMGragain. You can also graciously accept and choose not to wear. The attire that the bride wears is up to the bride. You might also strike a compromise of wearing them for some photos.

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    My daughter's wedding gift from her husband was a pearl bracelet.  She treasure it.  She knows that she will inherit my good pearls and earrings someday.

    To stabilize the necklace in a bracelet form, try using a small safety pin to secure the rows together so they won't slip around.  The pin won't be noticeable, especially if you put it near the clasp.  You could even cover it with a silk ribbon tie in a small bow.  You will need some help to do this because it must be done after you wrap the pearls around your wrist.
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