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we want to have a Trivia game at our reception. Any ideas on how to do this without just having tables writing answers on a sheet. We want it to be more dynamic and instantly glorified if a team gets the right answer.

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  • flantasticflantastic The Midwest member
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    Also, I assume this trivia would be about you and your relationship? That's going to make it super boring for the people who are happy for you and took the time to come celebrate with you but don't know all your stories super well (e.g. parents' friends).
  • This is a big no. Weddings don't need this. Have great food, be thoughtful about table groupings so that the conversation flows easy, have music of some sort (band/DJ/iPod/restaurant music system) and include dancing if you want.
  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Your reception is a social gathering where you thank your guests for coming to your ceremony and offer them food and drink.  Entertainment is not a part of this.  I would leave immediately if I were forced to play a "game" at a wedding reception.
  • Have you ever heard of "forced fun"?

    It's when you're at some organized event (like a company retreat or a birthday party) and someone stops the party to demand everyone's attention. The host or MC presents a game or activity and try to get people revved up about it. People politely pay attention, but are usually annoyed they were interrupted form whatever they were doing (dancing, socializing, whatever). In my experience, it is a failure 100% of the time. It's never epic and never makes me glad I stopped what I was doing to participate.

    If you do this, I would have it in a separate room so that the people who want to participate can and those who want to continue to dance and party can.

  • SP29SP29 member
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    Another vote for: don't.

    Have you played at a game at a Trivia Night? Often held at a bar or other restaurant/pub type venue. Lots of people sitting in small groups of their teams- no mingling. Questions come up on a screen of sorts- you need to be paying attention. Usually requires teams to write their answer on a piece of paper, someone brings it up to the trivia master who checks it over, then gives out points. Fun, if that's what you are there for, but it's not a quick process.

    I don't think trivia will go over well at a wedding. Guests are at a wedding reception to socialize and mingle, not be stuck at one table. You are also requiring your guests attention to focus on the game, and there really isn't a way to play without having people/teams write their answers down unless you want guest yelling or holding up signs of sorts then answering questions Jeopardy style. Too much involved.
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