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This might seem like a strange question; but, I'm meeting with our florist on Monday to go over everything and it got me thinking about decoration for the day - we haven't as yet hired anyone to do extra decoration for the day - we're having the reception on an old soap factory that's now and event space - the ceremony is in the same space. They have some furniture like occasional chairs and coffee tables that we can put in the space and a couple of old tables etc. But the space is really big so I'm just not sure.

What I'm wondering is if with that the flowers will be enough? I want to know if that sounds like enough, or if we should look into hiring other items - or someone to put it together?

If we just hire the items ourselves do you think I can just tell the event coordinator for the space where I want them and that will be ok? 

Help my inner micro-manager is freaking out that I won't be there on the day to do it all my self!! 

Re: Decoration

  • Its enough. I don't even have to see the venue to know that it's enough. Plain white tablecloths and flowers a re gorgeous and much more than that (esp a place lacking space) is often too much.

  • I think flowers are enough. If you want to add a little something, you could ask for extra arrangements for the coffee tables, the bar, and any displays (like your cake, a buffet, guest book table, favor table, etc.). 

    By just adding flowers, you don't have to hire anyone extra to do decorating. Presumably there's someone who's going to put the arrangements on the tables. They can just put the extra arrangements wherever you specify.

  • Fantastic.

    I'm glad that you guys think the flowers is plenty. 
    I'm meeting with the girl on Monday so I can talk to her about having some extras for the bar and cake table etc.


    I also just went for a really long walk and it's just the most lovely day here so I think that helped to chill my freak out. Sitting at one's computer looking at wedding blogs can sometimes be the worst idea.
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    I don't have any suggestions; I just wanted to say I think the idea that your venue is an old soap factory is so cool. IDK why, but I love it!
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  • Ahh thanks- me too. We wanted something industrial and in and around Paris there are lots of 19th-century buildings that have been converted. It's super cool. 
    This is it 
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    Cool venue!

    I think the flowers will be just fine. Looks like they've got some cool pendant lights. I think the factory look with the lights and wood elements will look simple yet modern and elegant.

    I'm very much a less is more person.
  • Thanks guys!! I meet with the Florist and she had some really great ideas so it's all systems go!! 

  • We had a very industrial space also. That's the point, right? You don't want to crowd in a bunch of junk that takes away from that! Flowers, table cloths, the cake, escort card, a card box/gift table, etc. It's plenty! 

    We had simple white table cloths and napkins, silver chivari chairs with black cushions, and basic (i.e. cheap) dishes and glasses on the tables, EXCEPT we used a cobalt blue water glass. It brought some extra color and life to the tables. 
  • That sound great!!

    The space has table cloths that are a really light grey and nice white dishes. They have purple water glasses - but I think I might look for plain ones. We're having burnt orange and hunter green. so not sure the purple will go.

    But I'm glad to think I can just use flowers and it will be plenty
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