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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Wedding Hair

Hi Everyone!!!

I'm pretty sure this has probably been posted a MILLION times, but I'm having such a hard time figuring out what to do with my hair for my wedding. I don't typically do much with it since I don't really know how to. I want something special, but with so many choices I'm not sure what will look best. My dress has a very low back (pictures attached). I was thinking half up half down since being too hot wont be an issue. (we are getting married in the winter) My only worry with this is will it hold? Will people hugging me all day ruin my hair? Is it a safer bet to just put it up? HEELLLPP.

Re: Wedding Hair

  • Does your hair hold a curl? If so, I think half up/half down would look awesome with this dress. 

    Consider if you'd want to throw it up if/when you're dancing. I have a tendency to do that, so half up/half down never would have worked for me. Be honest with yourself about your comfort and tendencies - at the end of the day, you want to be totally focused on being in the moment that day, not on your hair or fixing your dress or not being able to hug people because XYZ....

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    DD thought she wanted a half up style until she had her trial session. She realized that the part hanging around her face would drive her crazy. Would this be an issue for you? She ended up doing a low bun. Her dress was very similar to yours in the back.
  • How long is your hair? If it is very long, then I suggest wearing it up because it could cover the stunning low back of your dress. Also, if there are beads on the straps, consider wearing a top with beads during your trial to see whether your hair catches on the beads.
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  • I didn't put any of my hair up, just had my stylist pull the front strands back and under the rest of my hair, secured with a tiny elastic and then topped everything off with a rhinestone headband. It lasted all night. My hair was all the way down to the middle of my back and I didn't have any problems with hugs. We didn't have any dancing so that might be the only consideration to having it all up. Do what you feel most comfortable with. I'm used to having my hair down with a headband so I wanted a similar (although more polished) look for my day.
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