HELP: Wedding Planner Soup

edited January 2017 in Connecticut
Hi there!

I've been in the market for wedding planners/coordinators in the CT/New England area to make my wedding-planning life easier for whenever I set that date (2018). As I'm not very design-savvy (as in, I know what I like and what I don't like but I'm not confident enough to know I can pull it all together), and I've done my research, but it's been very tough for me to push the button. It's been hard to find a "bad" review to sway me off anyone, and I'm afraid to just pick the "most affordable". 

Does anyone have any experience, amazing or bad or just-okay, with any of these? (I'd be utilizing Partial Planning (including Month/Day-of) and some design services.) I've spoke to most of them, but I need some real deets to help me commit. Help!
  • Jubilee Events
  • KH Weddings and Events
  • Amy Champagne Events
  • True Event
  • Eileen Smith Events
  • Dreaming Tree Events -- low on my list as they never replied after our initial contact

Re: HELP: Wedding Planner Soup

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