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wedding band made to fit e-ring

So, I absolutely love my e-ring. My FI and I chose it together, it was the first one we saw and even though we did shop around to see others nothing could compare. However, it's an Octagon! So finding a wedding band to match has been basically impossible. I've tried on a few but I don't really like it when the two rings don't sit flush next to each other, I've been looking into getting something made that would fit the shape of my e-ring. I was told by a couple of jewellers that apparently it's not worth it because it will twist anyway and not sit next correctly anyway.

I'm just wondering if anyone has rings like this and what their experience has been? 

Re: wedding band made to fit e-ring

  • SP29SP29 member
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    Can you post a pic of your e-ring? I'm having trouble visualizing.

    How un-flush do the rings sit? My e-ring is a 3-stone trellis setting, so even my plain wedding band does not sit completely flush, but it is not noticeable. I also find that when both of my rings are on, they still move much less than when I wear one at a time.

    Seems weird to me that a jeweler cannot make a band that matches the shape, but they are the experts.... what about getting the two rings soldered together? The downside of course is that you cannot wear your wedding band by itself, say if you were doing work or exercise where you don't want to wear your e-ring, but if you really don't want the two rings moving separately and want them flush, that is the best way to go (even flush bands will rotate). And if you did get a band that was made to match your e-ring with a large cut out or prongs made, you may not like the look of it on it's own anyway.
  • I wanted my rings to be flush and so our jeweler custom made my wedding ring to sit up against my halo engagement ring. It would look odd if I wore it on its own but I never really planned to do that so I don't mind. Very rarely do they rotate separately. (Don't mind the terrible pictures of my fingers, they are swollen today for some reason!) 
  • debbeaudebbeau member
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    I also had something made because nothing looked quite right that we saw. Lula you ring came out beautifully.

    Boy do my hands look old! Any suggestions for that?

  • the first two photos are from during the summer so my fingers were a bit puffy. Also, I've lost a bunch os weight so my ring its a bit lose now and it spins around a bit, so I think I need to get it resized.

    But you'll see in the other photos that it's sort of an angle under the basket. and there's one of just the e-ring with another of my rings to show how far away they are if it's not altered.

    But it's super helpful to hear that if done correctly if doesn't move much. 
    We had gone to a few jewellers and all but one seemed to say it would move - but my FI thought they were just trying to get us to spend more money on a more fancy ring.

    Thank you all! :) (Also how fun is it to see everyone's rings!! how many different styles there can be!!)

  • Mine is very similar to yours from the side so a jeweler should be able to make it work! Sorry the pictures are blurry, I just took them quickly to show you :)
  • Ohhh great! 
    So I just have to go back to the one jeweller who wanted to do it!!

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    DD has a wedding band that is notched to fit her engagement ring. It still spins.

  • ILoveBeachMusic yes - this is my fear - does it happen a lot? like it's basically never together?
  • edited May 2017
    Mine is kind of similar to yours, not circle, but the bands are curved. I went with two curved bands and they seem to cap the ering in place better. It spins occasionally (usually when I'm really cold and doing a lot with my hands), but otherwise tends to stay in place. I don't have them soldered, but thinking about it. 

    ETA: Woah those are huge, sorry!
  • Thanks for the info - It's good to have different experiences. 
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers

    ILoveBeachMusic yes - this is my fear - does it happen a lot? like it's basically never together?

    Yes like basically never together. I have suggested to her to get them soldered. If there was a band on the other side, it might help hold everything in place like @charlotte989875 said.
  • My wedding band spins but I probably need to get it sized again. I honestly don't care most of the time. If you decide to get them soldered together you may have to the adjust the size at that time. Most of my friends who solder together have to increase the size of the rings so they can be put on and taken off together.
  • bleve0821bleve0821 The Shire member
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    My band spins, but it also doesn't sit quite flush with my ering.  It looks like it was made specifically to match my ering (my late grandmother's), but it wasn't a custom job, so it's not a perfect fit.  I don't wear my ering at work, so I can't take a picture to show you.

    I've considered getting the two rings soldered together, but DH is against it for a number of reasons.  The biggest is that, since it's an heirloom ering, he doesn't want the rings joined in a way that they can't be easily separated and passed down.  Also, I love having the flexibility to wear only the band at work.

    To be honest, I don't mind that the ring spins.  I barely notice it these days.  I noticed a lot more in the first month or so after I started wearing it regularly, but it was never a big deal to push it back into place with my thumb.  And if you're someone who plays with your rings regularly (like me!), it will never be a big deal, because you're just going to be pushing them around, anyway, whether they lock together or not.

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  • I also agree with @atomicblonde, I rarely notice if my ring spins, TBH. It doesn't happen all that often and I don't really notice when it does. 
  • Thanks everyone for the advice.

    I'm just worried that if it spins it will look really weird - and I will hate the look of it. So I have to think about it I bit more I think.
  • You could also move your engagement ring to your right hand or use your engagement ring in place of a wedding band.
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  • SP29SP29 member
    Sixth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    You may not like the look of this because your e-ring band is pretty slim... but I'm wondering if you get a wider band for your wedding band (that is still notched to fit your e-ring), if it would move less?

    Both my e-ring and wedding band have fairly wide bands- I believe they are both 2mm, one might be 2.5mm. Both of my rings are a bit big for my fingers (I really should get them re-sized), but they (or at least my e-ring, since my wedding band is plain so I have no point of reference) don't seem to move much, particularly when I wear both together, even though they don't match up exactly.
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