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  • @kimmiinthemitten  (and anyone else who wants to add me!) mine is: misskt

  • If you do make it out to Chicago, @short+sassy , I'd try to hit up a blues bar sometime during your visit.  I went to Buddy Guy's Legends and it was awesome! Of're from NOLA so what am I saying? 

    I'm sure it's great!  And I will definitely be hitting you up for suggestions if I book a Chicago trip.

    But your post did remind me of an experience I had during my first trip to NYC.  I was waiting for a table in a long line for a "highly recommended" restaurant that didn't take reservations.  I started chit-chatting with the people around me.  Everybody else was a local.  When I mentioned I was visiting from NOLA, everyone got all excited and I was peppered with questions (in a good way).

    I felt like Thumper in Bambi.  I was thinking, "Aw shucks, YOU all live in the cool city, lol."

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    @short+sassy the camel milk tasted a lot like regular milk but it was pasteurized. I have heard that fresh camel milk is light and smooth? Idk, I have never had fresh cows milk either. Are you looking to do anything specific on your mini-vacation? I used Skyscanner and GoogleFlights to look for cheap tickets.

    Thanks!  I was really curious about the camel's milk.  I've never had fresh cow's milk either.  Or goat's milk for that matter.  Sometimes it's tough being a city girl, lol.

    Thanks for the recommendations on finding cheap flights.  I will check those out.  For FL, no plans other than lounging at the beach and the pool.

    For Chicago, seeing the Natural History Museum and the Art Museum are absolute MUSTS.  And ALL the good food.  Though Chicago strikes me as being like NYC when it comes to food.  There will be amazing places to eat everywhere.

    How about Denver? Or Austin? Are you trying to stay within a certain distance? 

    (P.s. Not to seem AWish but I am k8e_bunny on IG if you was to see more)

    @missJeanLouise  i'm adding you on ig because i'm a creeper ;)

    Part of it is staying a shorter distance to where I live.  But I do especially want to go to Chicago.  Denver and Austin both sound like cool places and they are in my "someday" pile, but I don't think they'd be much cheaper than Chicago.  I know my H has been to Austin and he said that famous Riverwalk is really cool.

    What is IG?  I'm feeling left out, lol.

    @kimmiinthemitten, I'm pretty flexible with my dates.  As long as the trip is before Sept. 30th. That would be super fun to meet up with you, if the timing works out.  Thanks for the recommendations on other places to check out in the city.  The other time I went, we pretty much just hung out in the Loop.  But still places I want to see again and introduce my H to.  The last time, my friend had a friend who lived in the Corn Cob building and we went to pick her up.  We toodled around from there, but I'm not sure exactly where we went. 

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    @short+sassy, IG is Instagram. I'm not on there much, but if anyone wants to add me, I'm mkd_monty2be.
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    I'm edited out JIC:).

  • @short+sassy, IG is Instagram. I'm not on there much, but if anyone wants to add me, I'm mkd_monty2be.

    Thanks!  That totally makes sense.  I've been really slow to social media, but have been meaning to get a Twitter and IG account.

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    Soonergirrl here. 
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    Soonergirrl here. 

    I figured by your photo:).
  • I'm totally creeping on all your ig's now <3
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    lyndausvi said:

    Another hike down.  Only 40 left in the book. Ha.  It was nice. 8 miles round trip.  I went early so it was cool.   I was half way back before I even saw anyone.  The end was anti-climatic.  All the sudden you are in between 2 rock and the creek is rushing by.   I guess when the water is lower you can continue on to another hike.  It's spring run off, so that was not happening today.

    Was going to try to do 2, but my knee started hurting.  Decided to rest for the remainder of the day.  There are 2 small hikes not far from the airport.  They even connect to each other.  I will try to bang those out tomorrow before I pick up DH.

    DH's tasting is at 6pm (EDT).  I'm so nervous for him.  Not sure why, he always shines on things like this.  I swear he should be on one of the food shows.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    Here are more picks:

    Gorgeous photos! Hope your knee recovers with rest.
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    Gorgeous photos! Hope your knee recovers with rest.

    Thanks.  It's so beautiful around here.

    The doctor says it's an Illiotbial Band issue.  He wants me to try PT first.  He told me not to run/jog.  Which is easy because I hate running.  I'm guessing 2 days of long hikes might have been a little too much.  Plus today's hike was a little steeper and more climbing involved.   Which makes it hurt more.   

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    VarunaTT said:

    Okay, it's a GOOD day!  K and I just got the apartment we've been coveting...right next door.  We'll be doubling our space, going from the smallest (838 sq ft) to the 2nd largest (1649 sq feet) and a big open lovely plan, the bathroom all in one room, and a HUMONGOUS closet!  So excited!  It's a pretty big leap in rent, but still totally manageable.

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    @lyndausvi do you have a foam roller? That's always been best for working on my IT band even though it hurts like hell while doing it 
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