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Non-bachelorette party?

I recently had a very small (relatively short notice) courthouse wedding, and my husband and I are planning a larger wedding celebration for family and friends. My sister in law wants to throw me a bachelorette party (of course, only people invited to the celebration will be invited) and I'm not sure what to call it. It's more than a girls night out since we'll likely be going out of town, but it's definitely not a bachelorette party and I'm kind of uncomfortable calling it that...any creative ideas about what to call this shindig? 

Re: Non-bachelorette party?

  • A vacation?
  • - vacation
    - weekend away
    - friends' trip

    You are right that it's not a bachelorette party and should not be at all wedding related since the wedding is done and over with. 

  • Congratulations on your recent wedding!  You are now a married woman, and cannot be a "bachelorette".  It is OK to have a celebration party, but it cannot be another wedding, so no showers, bach. parties, etc.  No wedding dress, no bouquet toss, no wedding traditions, but you can show off any photos you have.
  • I think you can be cheeky and call it something like an 'anti-bachelorette' or 'ex-bachelorette party'

    Bachelorettes are new things anyway, and no one should really take it too seriously. Have fun with it!
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