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100 Years of Bridesmaid Dresses

Re: 100 Years of Bridesmaid Dresses

  • I was watching this thinking wow, most of these are pretty cute!.....and then the 80s showed up hahaha. 
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    I agree @ahoywedding! The '80s were awful but I thought most of the others were pretty cute. I definitely like today's trend of mix and match.
  • This is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • MCmeowMCmeow member
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    Real cool. I love the 70's look and today's look of course :P 
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  • I love mix and match!

  • It is interesting to see how bridal fashions change!  In 2010, daughter had trouble finding a dress that wasn't loaded with sequins, beading and rhinestones, and everybody tried to sell her a strapless ballgown.  Remember pick ups?
    Today there are more options, thank goodness.  I love the lace that is used on today's dresses, and thank goodness sleeves are available again!
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