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Envelopes! (XP)


It's almost time to send the invitation! 

Question, can I address the invitation the The Smith Family? I'm planning on inviting the parents and their children. I know you should address the invitation to the parents and put everyone's name on the inner envelope, but I don't have an inner envelope. I also read that everyone over 18 should get their own invitation, their kids are not under 18 but I don't want to waste extra invitation as they all live in the same house. 

How should I address the invitation? 

Thanks for any feedback! Have a great day :) 


  • This is also posted on the Etiquette board and you have been answered there.

    Going forward, it will help to put "XP" (cross post) in the title of your discussion so that other users know you posted in multiple places. 

  • No. Write out all the names and send a separate invite to everyone over 18. 
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