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Is 11 too old to be a flower girl?

I recently asked my cousin if his 3 year old son could be our ring bearer, and my other cousin joined the conversation saying she thought it would be a good idea if her 11 year daughter was the flower girl (she said it tactfully, I didn't think she was rude or anything). But I told her we had thought of forgoing the flower girl since we didn't know anyone young enough. But I feel like I have hurt her feelings. So I just wanted to get some advice. Is 11 too old?

Re: Is 11 too old to be a flower girl?

  • I think it depends on the child. When I was 11, I would want nothing to do with being a flower girl as I felt I was too old. Other girls might feel differently. Best way to know is to ask the girl, if you are willing to allow her if she wants to do it.
  • Would you want this young lady to be your FG, if she wanted to do it?  If so, bring it up with the mom again and make sure the daughter wouldn't be offended, if asked.  Honestly though, I think of 11 as being the start of a tween.  It seems like an age when children are starting to think of themselves as "older" and my guess would be most 11-year-olds wouldn't want to be a FG.
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  • It sounds like you don't want this girl to be your flower girl, so I would just let your response that you're not having a FG rule. You don't need to address it with this person. If she is hurt, that is her issue to work through. You can't accommodate everyone who wants a spot in the wedding party.

    But to answer your question, whether 11 is too old depends on the kid. Some wouldn't be caught dead doing this (esp. if the RB is 3) and others would love to do it. 

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    Are the 3 y/o and 11 y/o siblings?  
  • They are cousins. But the 3 year old adores the 11 year old and follows her everywhere.
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