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Photostrip Footer - how to personalize?

edited August 2017 in Reception Ideas
My photobooth guy is asking what we want printed on the footer of our photobooth strips.  I know the first names of the couple followed by the date is most common, but does anyone really want a picture of themselves/friends with OUR names on it?? 

I don't like personalized favors (we're doing chocolates) but maybe it's more acceptable with photo strips?  Or are there better things we can put, like a quote or saying?   I want to make sure it's something a guest would actually want to take home with them. 

Re: Photostrip Footer - how to personalize?

  • We had a photobooth and for our personalization, we put:

    John & Jane
    (wedding date)
    (wedding logo)

    We had a little .jpg image we used on our invitations, programs, guest book, etc. so we included it for consistency and "branding" of sorts. If you don't have that, just your first names and your wedding date would be nice.

  • I actually like photo strips with the date.  And the where and why (your wedding) sounds nice too.  I don't think anyone will mind that simple info at the bottom.  

  • I hate personalized favours, but a photo is different. I think names and the date is fine.
  • You can say "The wedding of John and Jane" and the date, instead of just your names. That way it's more like stamping the photo with the event, instead of just your names, if that makes sense?

    If you're REALLY against the names in any way, you could add the location and the date:
    Fancy Hotel, City, ST
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