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Pre-wedding Parties

Am I just being self conscious?

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edited September 2017 in Pre-wedding Parties
Hi ladies! My wedding is 10 days away!!! Hooray!!! :) I keep thinking about my dress. I have since gotten some spanx, but what do you think about my dress? I've lost about 15 lbs, but still see parts of me I don't like, aka my stomach. Thoughts? I know I'm totally overthinking. Last night was the first "wedding nightmare" dream & has me on edge. I'm hoping for things to go (and look) smooth. 

EDIT: I'm sorry! This was supposed to go on the plus size board! I'm on my phone & I must have clicked the wrong one! I don't know how to move it! 

Re: Am I just being self conscious?

  • It's a beautiful dress and you look great in it!
  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut
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    You should stop self-criticizing and just own it. Everyone has some back fat in a strapless dress. I like southernbelle's suggestion. Wear a long veil for the ceremony and formal pics.

    You don't look like a starving model in your dress, but you look beautiful the way you are.
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs
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    You look beautiful in your dress. 

  • This was almost my dress! I ended up going with another one but this was my number two choice! It's a beautiful dress and looks great on you. The way the centre portion is stylized draws the eyes up to the beading at the top, and the corset gives you such a stunning waist line. It's hard not to be critical. We all do it when we look in the mirror. Just try and remember you picked it for a reason, and you are going to look phenomenal. Have a wonderful day!
  • I think you look great! The first thing I noticed was your smiling face- an I am sure your husband will too.

    Is your dress from DB? I think that is one of the dresses I tried on- great dress!
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