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Two sets of invites?

Hi everyone,
New to  this site. My FW and I just got engaged and are planning our wedding for summer 2019. I'm trying to get a lot of planning and organizing done early because my schedule will be challenging starting next summer.

I have a question about invitations. Some of my FW's extended family lives on another continent. We will be inviting them, and she thinks that it's likely that they will attend. However, several of them speak very little English. The rest of our guests do speak English, mostly as a first language.

Would it be appropriate for us to have two sets of invitations printed - one in English and one in her first language? We will probably do RSVPs through a website, which we could also set up two language versions of.

Re: Two sets of invites?

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    What is your FI's first language that is shared by her relatives?  Does it use Roman characters, Greek or Cyrillic, or other characters?  If it uses the Roman alphabet, it would be easy to get a separate set of invitations printed to send to FI's foreign relatives.  No problem.  Make sure that the same information is given on both versions of the invitation.
  • We have received wedding invitations where they were printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other (as were the RSVP cards). Of course, these weren't super formal invitations. If your wedding is formal, I would go with separate invitations. I enjoyed seeing the two languages, though.
  • What @ILoveBeachMusic might be fun to see them in both languages! You could put them into the envelopes so that the language the guest speaks is facing up.
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