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hey all, so I’ve been looking at the proper etiquette for wedding invites. My understanding is wording is based on who is paying, and I’m a bit overwhelmed. 

FI and I are paying for the ceremony costs and making all the decorations/flowers/lighting/centerpieces for the wedding. We have friends who offered to DJ, bartend, take wedding pictures, and his godparents have offered us their backyard for the reception site. His parents (who has different last names) are paying for everything else (mainly catering and rentals, and hosting the rehearsal dinner)

So.. how do I word my invites? 

Thank you 

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  • I guess I assumed that whoever is “hosting” is whoever is paying.. thanks for the help!
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    The rehearsal dinner invitation is completely separate from your wedding invitation, but, like your wedding invitation, it comes from the HOSTS.  Who is hosting your wedding?
    If your wedding is being hosted by your FILS, it would be this:

    Ms. Jane Smith and Mr. John Jones (married couple)
    request the pleasure of your company
    at the marriage of
    Ms. Bride's Full Name
    to their son
    Groom's First Middle
    Day, date
    four o'clock
    Anytown, Iowa

    This means that they will stand in the reception line with you and help greet your guests.  Your guests will also thank them for the invitation since they are the hosts.

    If you are hosting your own wedding, no host is named.  It goes like this:

    The pleasure of your company is requested
    at the marriage of
    Bride's Full Name
    Groom's Full Name

    Then there is this, which is NOT traditional, but it is often used these days:

    Together with their families
    Bride's Full Name
    Groom's Full Name
    request the pleasure of your company
    as they are united in marriage
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