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Robes for bridesmaids

i am looking to get robes for my bridesmaids to get ready in Just wondering where everyone bought from and how good of quality and comfort they were for the price?

Re: Robes for bridesmaids

  • MandaLang said:
    i am looking to get robes for my bridesmaids to get ready in Just wondering where everyone bought from and how good of quality and comfort they were for the price?
    I would recommend against. Most are personalized and very short. The only robe I would be comfortable in is a long terry cloth robe. 
  • Skip the robes.  They are not necessary, and not needed.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Please don't. Let me get ready in something I feel comfortable sweatpants and a button up shirt. Use that money to buy me something that tells me you actually appreciate me, instead of just trying to angle for cutsie pictures. 

  • kahluakoalakahluakoala member
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    I'm of two minds on this. On one hand, I think they're pretty overdone and basic, but on the other hand, you want the same "cute" pictures everyone else has, I get it I'm not immediately jumping to berate you. Every wedding I've been to and seen photos of in the past 4 years has had robes. I think we need to lay off brides who think this is a relatively normal thing to do, because, at least in my experience, it is.

    When I've done it I got the robes on etsy, they were like $15 per robe, which was fine for a photo prop, IMO. I think this is a know your crowd thing too - My FSIL was disappointed when I told her I wasn't interested in doing matchy matchy getting ready photos. Depending on your girls, that kind of stuff can make the BP feel special, you know? 

    If you do want to do it, again IMO the button down flannels are way cuter and more original. I plan to tell my BP "wear something to get ready that you feel comfortable having a few photos taken" and letting them do their thing.
  • I agree with @KahluaKoala - they're cute photos, everyone wants them.

    Instead, if you really want to get them a top - ask if a button up top would be enjoyed. You could put their name on the sleeve is you really want.

    But 100% ask. I would be the BM to say yes, but I know some of my BM's would have said no if I wanted to do that.
    {plus button ups - like PPs have said - are easier to put on and off without risk of messing up hair/makeup :) }
  • I've never been in a wedding that had "getting ready pictures". The photograper usually showed up just as the bride was finishing her hair and makeup and started doing her pictures. I've always just worn schleppies. 
  • I have been in two weddings in which we did robes. One wedding, the bride gave them to us as a gift, and then we wore them for pictures. It wasn't practical, and I haven't worn the robe since. 

    For the other wedding, we knew what the bride was giving us as our gift, and it did not include a robe. However, the bridesmaids did buy robes ourselves and for the bride for pictures/ to get ready in. We ordered them off of amazon, and surprisingly they were cute, floral, and silk and under $20. However, again, I haven't worn the robe since. 

    If you are doing them just for pictures, I would buy them for your BM, but not as gifts, as others have said (and go on the cheaper side, not worth the money).

    I have thought about the button/up pajamas, but I think as a BM I would rather where what I want while getting ready.  
  • I had a male photographer.  We didn't have professional hair and makeup or anything, but if I had forced my friend to be half-naked in front of him anyway, she would have smacked me so hard upside the head my brain would have come out my ear.  Before you purchase robes, why not ask each girl, individually, what she would be happiest to wear while getting ready?  
  • I'm doing zip-up hoodies instead of robes. They are warm, comfortable and we are getting our hair/makeup done in a salon and they probably don't want to be out in public wearing a robe. At some point we will probably do Starbucks run or quick stop to pick up lunch or something. I don't want to be wearing a robe.
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    You know... I'll also point out that those getting ready photos now look so staged. Honestly, one of my favorite non-professional photos is a selfie- me and my BFF with our hair and makeup done making crazy faces in the full-length mirror. I'm wearing a pink button-down with jeans and she's wearing yoga pants and an old sorority t-shirt. There are no pictures of us girls toasting with champagne or anything, but that picture embodies the spirit of our friendship way more! 

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    It's been my experience that "getting ready" for a wedding is not a positive "bonding" experience. Everyone, the bride especially, is under stress to get uncomfortable outfits and accessories on and arrange their hair and makeup, and it's somehow more like a high school locker room than a "fun" time with one's female nearest and dearest. I wouldn't want to pose for photos while getting ready for a wedding -- especially in a robe chosen and mandated by someone else. Not even if my closest female associate is the bride. 

    I'd rather have photos of truly happy moments.
  • vikinganna87vikinganna87 Live Free or Die member
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    I'm with @ernursej and @eileenrob.  If you want to buy a practical gift that your BMs will use after the wedding, I recommend a nice fluffy bathrobe.  I do believe they're pricey but last time I checked you could find 100% cotton ones for under $100.

    Another alternative is a silk or cotton kimono, which IMO look nice and are practical, but it all depends on what your BMs' preferences are.

    My house has hardwood floors and I'm perpetually cold, so I wear my fluffy bathrobe or cotton kimono almost daily after taking a shower and walking around the house before I get dressed.

    As for the photographer documenting the getting ready session, I don't see it as a contentious topic.  If the bride wants it, why not?  If you have a BM that you know is particularly sensitive about photos you may want to check in advance.  Maybe I'm an outlier here, but I really don't see a big deal with a trusted professional male photographer seeing me in a robe.  Rather that than a friend posting a grainy ridiculous compromising stupid pic of me on social media during a night out.

    FWIW we didn't do any getting ready photos with our photographer for the wedding.  All the ladies just met in the back room of the church with the groomsmen before the ceremony.
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