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Wedding venue help!

I am trying to decide between Riviera at Massapequa, Sea Cliff Manor, and Smithtown landing for my wedding. The first two would be April, the 3rd would be June. I can't decide for the life of me what to go with. To me they each have their ups and downs. And price is close on all three. Anyone have recent experiences with any of these places that can give me some kind of insight? Thanks! 

Re: Wedding venue help!

  • I'm having my wedding at Sea Cliff Manor in October-- In the last few months since we've booked them they've been nothing but nice and helpful. The food, by the way, is DELICIOUS. We had our tasting and if my picky dad and brother could actually enjoy it then everyone will. Also, portions are great! I totally recommend this place. 
  • Thanks fahlalalala! We are actually now in the process of choosing between Smithtown Landing and Sea Cliff Manor. I am still having a difficult time in choosing - each has its own ups and downs. If anyone has any insight on Smithtown Landing, it would be much appreciated!!  
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