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Picking a DJ

Hey all!

    So we got the venue and the photographer and now we are trying to find a DJ.  Our biggest problem is we want some extra effects but DJs seem to be all over the place with pricing.  Some photobooths are $1,000+ and some are like $750.  Others will throw in the mic and PA system for the ceremony (we are having live music) while others are charging $225. Some will do intelligent lighting for $800 others are well over $1,000 for two heads. 

  In total we've been priced anywhere from $2500-$5000. What in the world is happening here. I've had friends who managed to get their photobooth thrown in for free.  We had an offer like this, but hated the company and immediately walked away from it. We found it easy to negotiate with our venue (who was amazing), and our photographer was from a referral and gave us a great deal off the bat,  but the DJs seem a little trickier. We were planning on spending $3500 MAX on a DJ and photobooth but it's starting to seem almost impossible.  Most places are around $4700-$5000....and we aren't even in need of uplighting!

  Any tips or recommendations on DJs? 

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