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Music Timing/Walking

I've looked through a few pages and haven't seen this asked.
I have a small wedding party, only three couples. 
I'm looking for music, and everything I am finding is 4+ minutes long. So if I have a song for the party to walk down to, and another one for myself..that's going to be about 8+ minutes of music. Im not sure how long it will take three couples to walk..and I am sure it won't take me four minutes.
So my question: how do you time it? Do they all just stand up there and wait for the song to be over? Do you find a spot in the song that it sounds okay to cut it off early? And what about my song?
It just seems like it'd be awkward standing around if we just wait for the song to end..and thinking of waiting until the rehearsal to get the timing down stresses me out. 
Whatever it ends up being, I know it will be instrumental. 

Re: Music Timing/Walking

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