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  • ei34ei34 member
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    Best vibes for tomorrow @NBSquared2017 and i'm so sorry about your cat <3
    Ewww @short+sassy that's awful  OMG @mrsconn23 gorgeous family photos! your son is such a nice combo of ya's both!!
  • Beautiful photos, @mrsconn23!!
    @NBSquared2017 I'm so sorry about your kitty. And sending good vibes for your egg retrieval!
    @MyNameIsNot SQUEEEE to the puppy cuteness overload!!!!

    Have not heard from the insurance appraiser yet. I'm antsy because I just want to get my car fixed. I LOATHE dents. 

    Feeling like I might be coming down with the cold Babypants and Mr. Pants have. Was going to go to hot yoga tonight, but I am skipping so I can go home and go to bed early. 

    Other than that, SSDD. Trying to fly beneath the radar in between meetings because my motivation level is super low. 
  • Cute pix @mrsconn23

    Blech @short+sassy  I do remember the AC debacle now, did you get it back? 
  • @banana468, not really :(.  She wouldn't pick up the phone or call my H back.  Not surprising and about what we expected.  So we filed a police report, but don't know where they went and the police didn't seem that interested anyway.  Also not surprising and about what we expected (sigh).  Oh!  And they also left extra holes in the wall that had not been there previously.  NBD in the grand scheme of things, but another example of what awful people they were.
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  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    Adorable puppy @MyNameIsNot! Ugh, @short+sassy that is gross! Best of luck tomorrow @NBSquared2017 and so sorry about your fur baby!
  • @NBSquared2017 Sorry to hear about Zeus <3 Vibes for tomorrow!

    @mrsconn23 Love!!! DefConn's hair <3
  • @mrsconn23, thanks for sharing the pics!  I love 'em!  You all look great.

    @NBSquared2017, I'm so sorry to hear about Zeus! ((Hugs))  Sounds like he lived a happy and well-loved life.  ALL the Ts and Ps and good vibes for tomorrow!

    @MyNameIsNot, Your all's new puppy is adorable!  He looks like a lot of energy.  I'm not fooled with his lying on his dog bed with his toy, lol.  
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