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Super stiff petticoat

I know it's supposed to be stiff, but dag! It is pretty ridiculous. It's like wearing a puffy suit of armor.  Is there a way to soften it without ruining it?

Re: Super stiff petticoat

  • Iron/press it out...  But really, you want it stiff...
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  • Although I don't have a suggestion, I did have a similar experience.  I ordered mine online, thinking it was a petticoat.  But it was actually a hoop skirt, lol.  Although the fabric was soft, to call it "stiff" is an understatement!

    It was a little odd to wear, but not too bad.  It only took a short time to get used to.  I did need extra room to sit, though.  Because the skirt would flare out to the sides a bit.
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