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Oh Monday.


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    We reached an agreement on a home! It’s so perfect and we are so excited!! The homeowner has been so amazing and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 

    So much paperwork, but it’s worth it! 
    That's awesome!  I'm glad you all found the perfect house so quickly.  Good luck with the inspection (no whammies).

    You think the paperwork is bad now.  Wait until closing ;), lol.  
    Speaking of closing paperwork, this one was really bizarre on the last deal I closed.  I may have already mentioned it to you all, so sorry if I'm being repetitive.

    I had to "prove" I could read/write English fluently.  I'm pretty sure the "rationale" specifically mentioned English.  They had a paragraph, about 6 long sentences, and I had to rewrite it.  But what was hilarious to me was, as long as the language I spoke had the same Arabic characters that English uses (ie Spanish, French, German, etc.), I could just as quickly have jotted it down.  Even if I had no idea what the words meant. 
    This is so bizarre! And seems vaguely racist. What rational reason is this needed?
  • I agree banana and MyNameIsNot  :|
    @kvruns too cute!
  • MNNEBride said:
    @VarunaTT - Gallbladder pain is the worst.  I had to wait a month for my surgery and I survived on all the starch - mashed potatoes, rice and pasta.  No meat, fat or greasy for me.  I had mine removed laparoscopic and had a week at home before returning to work.  Hope all works out well for you.

    My weekend was weird.  I took of work Friday and did a bit of errands and shopping.  DH had a short work day but I did get some time just to veg by myself which was sorely needed.  Saturday I went to an all day conference to earn CEUs for my certification.  The event was good but it felt like a work day.  Sunday DH, SIL and myself drove up to see my other SIL who is in an respiratory rehab hospital.  She was glad we came to visit and she's made enough progress to be off the ventilator and have a speaker valve for about 15 mins at a time.  It was the first time we've heard her speak in a month.  Slow progress but good.  

    DH got the first injection of the shingles vaccine Thursday morning and was feeling feverish and had flu-like symptoms Friday and Saturday.  Thankfully he's feeling better now.  He has the booster in 3-4 months so he'll need to plan in case he has the side effects again.  I'm eligible for the vaccine too and should get it.  Side effects are better than shingles any day.

    Sounds like I will be getting a new manager at work.  The job posting up and I know they have someone in mind.  Will be interesting to see who gets chosen.
    Those side effects are real! H and I both felt like we had the flu. For me, the second shot was worse than the first. They were the same for H. But yeah, better than getting shingles any day!
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