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I see you, Monday

This weekend was phenomenal.  We hit 5 breweries, we ended up with 2!! penguins, the museum exhibitions were fantastic, brought home some local beers and local art, the weather was phenomenal, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I'm a bit sleepy today, but happy.

I'm getting annoyed at work.  I'm pretty my organization (not my direct bosses) is trying to set me up for failure.  I have thoughts and feels about it, but I'm pretty sure I have a workaround, the workaround doesn't break rules, and the work around will work and I'll still win.  :wink:

How was everyone else's weekend?


Re: I see you, Monday

  • Had such a great weekend! I ended up buying a new car! I've been leasing forever, and it just doesn't make sense anymore with my commute. So, I'm the proud owner of a new 2020 Rav 4 (I've been leasing Toyotas since 1999..haha). 

    BIL is up visiting again, so that's fun. We're going to take him to the city next weekend, as we didn't get to do that last time. 

    I took my mom dress shopping for her vow renewal in June. She found a great dress at the same salon where I purchased my wedding dress. 

    Sunday I relaxed and binged Cheer. Anyone else watch it?
    Yes!! I loved it. How great is Jerry!
  • @short+sassy dental work is literally such a friggen hassle ....
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    It is definitely a Monday. Yesterday we went out for FMIL’s birthday. Let’s just say I didn’t make it through dry January lol. I’m tired today because for some reason I woke up at 2 and couldn’t fall back asleep until 4:30. I came into work and it just feels like a Monday. Everyone is sick and subdued. I’m already ready for next weekend. I’ve been planning out Super Bowl food. 

    Sucks about your dental appointment @MissKittyDanger

    @banana468 I feel like everyone is testing positive for Flu B. Unfortunately the vaccine is only 58% effective for the B strain. And while that’s way better than not getting the vaccine at all, it still leaves a lot of room for getting the virus. Hopefully she feels better and the rest of the family stays healthy. 

  • @banana468 poor Chiquita :( I know my dr said I was susceptible when M had a cold/flu because I had strep.
    Vibes for on-going health!

    @charlotte989875 sounds like a good stay-cation :) does your BFF or sister know you're pregnant yet?
  • @banana468, oh no!  I hope Chiquita is feeling better as soon as possible.  @levioosa, thanks for the intel.  I'll hope for the best, for myself!  I always get the flu vaccine, but I know people can still get the flu and the effectiveness can vary, depending on the strain.
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  • @banana468 poor Chiquita :( I know my dr said I was susceptible when M had a cold/flu because I had strep.
    Vibes for on-going health!

    @charlotte989875 sounds like a good stay-cation :) does your BFF or sister know you're pregnant yet?
    Oh yeah they both know! They were the first ones. I’m 13 weeks now so most all of our friends and family know. Just not work, and family we haven’t seen in a while. 
  • That sucks @banana468 all the good thoughts everyone is better by the weekend!!
  • Dammit.  I had to go in for my vaccination booster today and I reminded the nurse that I hadn't gotten my lab results letter.  She just called to tell me what the doctor wanted and they're sending the letter.  But they're doubling my vitamin D again for 6 weeks (2000 IUs) and I'm starting to show signs of pre-diabetes.

    I was signing up for one of the healthy wage bet programs and going back to my vegan meal plan.  When I had my gallblader issues I was strict about what I ate because I had the "I never want to be in that amount of pain again" guiding me.  Which is why I thought the healthy wage bet program, b/c there's both negative/positive reinforcement.  So, she's giving me 6 months then just more labs to see if I can reverse that.  I don't want to be diabetic, so here we go I guess (it runs in the family, it has yet to skip a generation in 4 generations).
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    @MissKittyDanger awww babykitten is a cutie patootie! 
    Looks like everyone had a fab weekend!
    Weekend was just ok.  Did some retail therapy early Saturday, dinner with a friend on Saturday night, and then H and I saw bad boys on Sunday.

    i did think I was super young and Fit and I could shovel my driveway.  11 minutes of it and my back went out, so now I remember why I always paid people to do this.

  • @VarunaTT good luck with the diet.   My dad is also a type II diabetic and he tries to monitor it but it's hard to reason with him sometimes.

    @levioosa I'd heard the same thing.   It's a rough year for the vaccine and sometimes you're SOL.   Unfortunately for Chiquita this isn't her year.  I had to tell her that her immune system isn't compromised and she should be OK when she asked, "Can I die from the flu?" 

    I asked at CVS if they had any more surgical masks and they are ALL OUT.  I'm going to wipe down all the surfaces of the house with Lysol wipes again. 
  • Hey there.  Long weekend was very up and down.

    DefConn was so funny about wanting to give me my bday presents.  He tried to give them to me the night before and I was like, "Truly, I can wait."  So Thursday morning, he hops in bed with me and DH is all, "don't you need to tell mama something?!" And he jumps up and said, "OH we need to get your prizes! (mashing up surprises and presents)"  I went to see mom for a couple hours. I got the stuff to finish DH's present and did some other shopping.  I also got a pedicure.  DH brought my cupcakes from my fave place here in town.  

    Friday, DH and I went to my appt first thing and all was clear with my follow-up ultrasound.  We went to see mom and then out to lunch.  The weather was so meh that we came home and took a nap after lunch.  We went out to this amazing BBQ place that's in the middle of nowhere for dinner that I've been wanting for try for awhile. 

    Saturday, DH got up early to go help set up for the pinewood derby. DefConn and I went to go pick out bday presents for DH from him.  We wrapped the presents when we got home and then went over to do the derby.  The derby was so much fun.  We had it at Don Shumacher racing HQ (they are a major drag racing team) and one of the drivers was around and talked to the kids for a brief moment.  After that, we went home to get ready to go out with our friends.  We went ax throwing (so fun!) and then out to dinner.  

    Sunday, it was DH's bday.  He went to the movies with FIL and the kiddo.  We made steaks for dinner.  Other than that, it was a low-key day. 

    Mom is still in the hospital, but out of ICU.  It's been a clusterfuck and a half (they were almost literally playing hot potato with her Friday night).  Family communication has been going OK, but family dynamics are rearing their head. Everyone is having a rough go at what is our new normal, which is constantly changing and evolving with each new thing.  
  • @charlotte989875 did you do some kinda way of telling people or just tell them? :) Exciting!

    @CharmedPam I'm convinced she knows how cute she is lmao
  • Ugh dental work is the worst @MissKittyDanger congrats @climbingwife healthy vibes to everyone @banana468 and yay for all the nice weekends!

    Had a fun Lunar New Year Party Sat night and Sunday was restful.  
  • @charlotte989875 did you do some kinda way of telling people or just tell them? :) Exciting!

    @CharmedPam I'm convinced she knows how cute she is lmao
    No not really we’re basically saying “we’re having a baby”.
    For my mom we did address her Christmas present to “Grandma LastName”. It took her a minute. 
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