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Rescheduled wedding-this Dress In December?

I found my dream dress. My wedding was in April and has now been moved to December. Opinions on this dress for winter wedding? and bridesmaids color ideas? Sorry for bad quality some were videos.

Re: Rescheduled wedding-this Dress In December?

  • You look gorgeous!! 

    I would keep the same dress, it’s really beautiful. Plus it looks like it’s a more solid material so I wouldn’t associate it with a spring wedding. 

    For colors if you want a winter theme I’d say darker/jewel tones rather than pastels so navy, hunter green, even red or purple would work. But really you can have any color you want!
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    Keep the dress! You look gorgeous in it! It doesn't look spring- like, I think it is very versatile. I agree with @charlotte989875, choose whatever color you want for your wedding party.

  • Absolutely keep that dress! But if you are in a cold climate, get some kind of wrap (faux fur, whatever) for the walk from the car to the venue. For bridesmaids' colors, slate grey, claret, dusky blue/purple, forest green...
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    For the wedding party, you could also have your bridesmaids wear little black dresses. You could have them hold bouquets that have all those jewel tone colors in them, or just beautiful sprigs of evergreens and white interspersed with red roses.
  • Keep the dress, it looks great. I would recommend getting some sort of shawl or wrap in case you need to keep warm getting in and out of the car or feel a little cold any other time during the day. Even in warmer areas of the country, you can still get a cooler than usual day in December. Since your dress is relatively simple, you have a lot of different options for this that will look good. 

    As for your bridesmaids, technically you can have them wear whatever color(s) you want regardless of season. But if you want to avoid anything that looks overly spring/summer, I think jewel tones look beautiful any time of year. If you want something that looks wintery but not too much like Christmas, maybe you could do black or navy dresses and greenery bouquets with few or no flowers, or maybe even some sort of bouquet with silver or gold accents.
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    *Cat Call* WOW!!!!!  Keep the dress it's GORGEOUS!!!

    Choose your colors based on colors you love, nothing more nothing less!  We had a winter themed wedding in October complete with snowflake decor because DH & I couldn't have our ski hill wedding in December because the business would be open for business and our colors were periwinkle, butter, and bee-poop yellow (sorry, that's the only way to describe the name of the color! LOL...).  It's not the colors, it's the energy you bring to the day that matters!
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