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Too soon?? Dress question

Hi Ladies! 

Well I received my dress a few weekends ago and of course I love it, but it does need some work done to it. The hem is too short for my taste (its actually kinda crooked and my left side sits about an inch higher off the ground than the right! yikes!) and it needs about an inch and a half taken in. Anyway I took it in to a seamstress along with my bridemaids dress for my brothers wedding, and she said she could start working on it now. My mom and MOH both kinda freaked out and said it was too soon! So I wanted to see what you all thought, this lady doesn't move super fast and she has some work to do on a few more changes I want, so i was thinking i could start the hem and other things now and do the taking in around end of Jan? What do you all think? :) Thanks!

Re: Too soon?? Dress question

  • emilynchrisemilynchris member
    edited December 2011
    Oh sorry the wedding is August 15th :) 
  • edited December 2011
    I got married October 3rd and my first fitting was the first week of June. I guess it only matters if you think your weight might flux enough to impact the overall fit of the dress. IMO you can never have enough time to work on a dress. I had a friend go right down to the wire because her bustle just wouldn't behave.
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  • emilynchrisemilynchris member
    edited December 2011
    Ya I usually stay within the same range weight wise (knock on wood) ha ha! And I don't want to be down to the wire worrying if the dress is ready or not! my MOH's sister actually got her dress altered by the store she got it from and they didn't even have it ready the  day before the wedding! I am sure I would have a heart attack! ha! 
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