how much are wedding flowers?

I'm trying to figure out what to do for my flowers. I'm hoping to go ahead with a small ceremony and am wondering how much do wedding flowers cost. I don't want to totally break the budget but I still want things to look and feel elegant. So, how much are wedding flowers? Is there an average price for flowers so I know if I'm getting a good deal? 
Has anyone done a flower wall? Faux is ok, I'm thinking if I live stream the ceremony that might make a nice background for the camera but I don't know what a flower wall costs or how to make one myself. I'd also love to see examples of your bouquets if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!! 

Re: how much are wedding flowers?

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    It really depends on your area. DD had low centerpieces on her tables (18 I think), 5 bouquets plus hers and I think 8 bouts, plus little bouquets for me and MIL. She also had votive silver mercury glass candle votives on the tables provided by the florist. I think it was all around $3000. I don't have any pictures of the bouquets but they were traditional round ones with the stems gathered and wrapped.
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    Prices will vary based on region, but there are some guidelines that will reduce your costs. Choose in-season flowers that are local. Ask your florist which flowers in your chosen colors are cheapest. (For example, if you have a May wedding and want purple accents, statice will be cheaper than irises.) Use a lot of greenery--it's cheaper than flowers. Provide your own containers, if possible. Don't assume that faux flowers will be cheaper, especially if you are looking at silk or other high quality flowers. DIY as much as you can. You can buy grids for flower walls on Amazon, for example, and this is one area where cheap faux flowers might not look bad, since there will be such a mass of them. Check your local message board for people selling containers and dried or silk flowers.
  • What is the dollar amount to you for "I don't want to totally break the budget but I still want things to look and feel elegant"??  For some that's $200, for others that's $20,000 for the same question.  The point is, you need to have a starting point for your florist to go off of for what can you get for the money.  As @ILoveBeachMusic pointed out - it also is going to greatly depend on your area and if you're selecting product that is in-season.  

    As for the flower wall, DIY/faux flowers may not save you a penny over giving the task to your florist to complete.  With many DIY projects it's the nickels and dimes that add up.  If you can find one on marketplace, craigslist, event supplier, a local rental company, or ebay! already made you may be considerable money ahead as well.  
  • Thanks!!! This helps. 
    I never thought about ebay for a a flower wall before
  • We looked at many different alternatives.. depending on your venue if they allow open flame floating candles..  Instead we bought beautiful white hanging lanterns, that have their own stand.. then ordered from Ling's moments silk and foam flowers that are on at vine that we can wrap either along the stand and bring around the bottom or wrap along the bottom going up.. inside the lantern we have fairy lights... cost was under $600... the flowers look beautiful with the sample we made. We are doing real flowers for the bouquets... cut our flowers costs in half
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