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Do we include ceremony info on website if we have limited capacity?

Our garden ceremony venue is only allowing 47 people due to covid restrictions. We will be having an 80 person wedding reception at another venue. On our general wedding website, do we include ceremony location and information? Do we need to have a separate website for Reception only guests? We are planning on invitations that have a ceremony card included for the family and close friends invited to the ceremony.


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    This is not a really good idea in general. Can you have your ceremony at your reception venue? Your reception is to thank the people who attend your wedding for witnessing your ceremony. It is considered rude to invite people to the reception only - unless it is truly an intimate ceremony with only the witness and immediate family present. I would either find another ceremony venue or move it to the reception site. It could cause hard feelings to invite people to only the reception.
  • For now, leave it off the website (which is just a good idea in general to leave all that info off including the reception!).  Exactly what @ILoveBeachMusic said.  

    Because of the Covid restrictions, I'd recommend an intimate ceremony with only your VIP's if you're restricted to the 47 or less and would have a live-stream lined up for the remainder of the 80 guests not invited to the ceremony with a note in the invitations "Due to Covid Restrictions" so people KNOW.  Now that we're at the tail end of Covid restrictions in many places this may also end up being somewhat fluid after your invites are sent and your venue may give you the go-ahead at the last minute to have those additional guests.  If that happens, I'd have the info at-ready if your ceremony becomes available for the entirety of your guest list to message at the last minute (email/phone/Facebook).  No one will mind a last second invite to the ceremony as much as they will being on the B list to half your guests being allowed to the ceremony.  
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