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Photographers/Video Referrals for Central Jersey

I'm looking for a photographer/videographer who would do our wedding in central jersey. My fiance and I have met with a couple but just haven't found that comfortable seemed too inexperienced, the other felt like a used car salesman. Does anyone recently married have any fantastic experiences with a photographer she can share? We are looking for creative/energetic, teams of 1-2+, and would give us a cd/usb with final edited pics. THANKS!

Re: Photographers/Video Referrals for Central Jersey

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    YES!  We used Zorn Photography, his was unbelievable...beyond all expectations...take a look at his site, his work speaks for itself.....  Then you meet him, and you fall further in love ;)
  • AnnaScarlettAnnaScarlett member
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    My Photographer was great She is very afordable and travels all over the country.  She works always works with a 2nd.
  • PeacefieldPeacefield member
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    We're working with Robert Wayne Photography for pictures and Creative Video Concepts.  Not sure where you are in Central NJ, but I"m sure they both travel.  They were flexible with their packages, RWP offers a DVD of images, they were priced very well; maybe worth a look.
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