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I am still trying to decide what flowers I want to use for my wedding. I dont want anything too expensive because im a cheapo :) any recommendations? Thanks.

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    I did all of my flowers using the fake ones from hobby lobby and michaels. It was cheaper than getting them done and the flowers look very real and I will get to keep them forever and not have to worry about them wilting on the day. They are so beautiful and they turned out just the way that I wanted them. I used Calla lillies and roses for all my flowers and they look just like if you got them done in a flower shop. Michaels will put them together for you if you don't have the time and Hobby lobby has premade bouquets and corsages that are very beautiful as well. Hope this helps.
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    I am using Plantasia in Laurel.

    She is doing my bouquet 4 bm bouquets 2 MOB/MOG wristelets fg wristlet, petals for fg,8 bouts and 30 carnations for 310. Everything will be red roses except my bouquet which will have a mix of lillies and roses.
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    Where are you located?
    dont make ur password so easy. gbck2CA2 hahahaha
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    If you are in Billings, I recommend IGA Florists, they are much cheaper then Gainans and do a fantastic job.
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    I am actually Located in Whitehall...small town between Butte and Bozeman.
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    Since you are close to Bozeman, I would reccomend the Posie Patch in Belgrade.  Jennifer does an excellent job, and I have never had any problems arise from her arrangements.  The ladies at Van's IGA in Bozeman are also wonderful and really take an interest in their brides lives.  I don't think there has been a wedding that they have done that they haven't teared up a bit with.  Hope this helps.
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    I'm using Costco, DIY flowers in white roses.  Bride, 2 BM, toss, 6 bouts, 6 corsages, 1 flower girl petals, and enough for 2 centerpieces with all of the trimming greens and ribbon for $200

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