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South Carolina-Charleston


I want to know if anyone has ever been to a wedding or had there wedding at any of the following venues and what you thought of the whole experience, and what the prices, services were like. 





Thanks so much!!


  • If your considering Old Wide Awake Plantation, looking into Wide Awake Park! Its more of a hidden gem than the plantation!  just down the road at the very end of trexler...it sits right on the stono river, almost 8 acres, has plently of parking, electricity randomly throughout, dock on the water! plus they have a HUGH barn/garage as an awesome back up if it rains.  AND only $600 to rent for the day!  google "wide awake park hollywood sc" and you should get plenty of info, theres even a powerpoint of pictures of the park!   I'm having my wedding there in October and its beautiful....not venue could touch it for that price!  If your going for the low country rustic feel like we are then you'll love this place.  If you have the time, I can let you know how my wedding goes after October :)
  • O my goodness, that sounds great! I am looking it up now, thanks for the advice. I love it, it looks great! Does it have bathroom and kitchen facilities? I wonder if I can find some pictures of the inside of the barn/garage? I love to chat with you sometime about the venue. Do you have a facebook? One other person told me about it as well, but I hadn't really thought about it, but the way you speak of it I'm definitely interested. Please do let me know how your wedding goes, I would love to know!
  • i went to a wedding last october at the Island House.  Im not sure what the prices are like but the location was really pretty.  It was mainly an outdoor event space though in that the house that is located on the premises was only available for the bridal party and the groom and groomsmen to get ready.  The wedding I attended had a large white tent set up that housed the dance floor and the food and then the ceremony was to the right of the tent over looking the water.  There was a really cute cocktail hour held in the front of the house on the brick patio located there, while the wedding party took pictures.  There were no "indoor" bathrooms located on the premises (except for use by the wedding party inisde the house) but there were really nice portable type bathrooms set up. They werent like the typical port-o-potty situation that you would see at some outdoor concert either.  they were much nicer and very well taken care of.  good luck on your hunt!

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