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April 2012 Weddings

BM shoes - WWYD? long

My 6 girls are wearing a knee-length horizon dress (david's royal blue-ish color) and we got a great deal on the dress ($75 less than everyone's budget). I was going to let everyone wear whatever shoes they wanted to as long as it was a unifying color, but all of my girls wanted to wear the same one since its a short dress.

Two problems I'm having

One - my sister never wears heels but she said she would want to for me.. clearly I"m not going to put her in a 4" heel but I was looking at 1-2 inch heels. I have 2 other girls who won't wear less than 5" heels when they go out and they are very into fashion and I feel whatever I pick they won't like. I know its my wedding and they will all wear what I ask them to, but I hate people spending money on me and on things they will only wear once. I was thinking of just throwing in the towel and having each girl pick out the same color (my original plan). Do you think it would look okay to have different shoes?

Two - I don't know what color to go with. I really liked the idea of a champagne or neutral gold color to go with horizon blue and sunflowers. My mom also found necklaces to give as part of the BM gifts (I am also getting non-wedding related gifts for them). These necklaces have a gold chain and gold hues to the pendant.  Soo i thought champagne/gold shoes would look good. However, my mom reminded me that the groomsmen were wearing black tuxes with silver/charcoal colored vests so she thinks gold shoes would be out of place. She thinks we should go with silver or gray shoes and she says the necklaces are such a minor point that it wouldn't matter... So what color? Champagne/gold or gray/silver? I've asked two of my girls and they have differing opinions.

Sorry, I know this seems really petty but I hate making these little decisions.

Re: BM shoes - WWYD? long

  • It really doesn't matter. I guess I'd say gold/chapmpagne, since their necklaces are gold, but if your mom is so concerned with them matching the GMs, I don't get why she picked gold necklaces and then wants them to wear silver shoes...

    I say let them choose whatever style they want, as long as it is neutral colored, that way no one has to wear the color they don't want and they can pick their own size heel. 

    No one is really going to give 2 craps about the BM's shoes, and no one will notice besides maybe you and your mom. Really, it seems like a big deal, but when you look at pictures years from now, I don't think you'll notice their shoes. You're going to notice how happy they look! 

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  • I agree with Erica! I told my  bridesmaids they could wear whatever they'd like --silver or pewter colored shoes. I had no height requirements because I HATE wearing heels (I'm wearing cute peep toe flats). I want them to be comfortable and get more than one night of use out of these shoes, and like pp said, no one is going to notice their shoes!

    As far as color I think the champagne/gold sounds great! I wouldn't worry about it being so matchy matchy with the groomsmen, it'll look cohesive no matter what.
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  • I just told mine to go with nude/tan colored shoes.  They are wearing the same dress.


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    I told my girls to wear gold or champange colored shoes, their choice, since my sister has back problems and can't wear super high heels, and another BM loves super high heels and is shorter than everyone else.

    Like Erica said, nobody is going to give 2 craps about BM shoes, except for you and the BM's.  I say let them pick, and that will make them happy.

    ETA:  My girls are wearing a slightly lighter shade of blue from DB, cornflower blue.
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  • Should be fine to have them wearing whatever shoes they choose and just give them a neutral color like the champagne/gold or black.  Maybe you can change the groomsmen's vests/ties to the champagne color?
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions.. Like I said, I know I'm overthinking things but I tend to freak out about details. Most likely I'll stick with champagne but I'm going to see if we can try some on and compare to gray. I'm definitely going to let them all pick their own shoes too!
  • Personally, I would go with the pewter or silver if that's the color the GM are wearing. However, that wouldn't match the necklaces- can your mom return these for the same ones in silver?

    If not, I would vote just going a neutral shoe color. I get what you're saying- it would bug me too :)
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