Eastern shore wedding

Anyone else getting married at the Hyatt chesapeake in Cambridge, md? Ours is next year and I am debating about whether or not to hire a doc. Thoughts? Thanks!

Re: Eastern shore wedding

  • We did not get married there, but I don't think a specific venue should affect the decision. If you hire a DOC, he/she is there to solely advocate for your interests. A coordinator provided by the venue is great, but he/she can be replaced by the venue at any moment, and his/her loyalties are to that venue (not to you). So if something goes wrong, the venue coordinator's first job is to cover the venue's arse, even if that means the bride and groom get screwed over in the process. 

    For example, without any notice to me or anyone else, my venue totally changed the set-up schedule. They had agreed to have linens on the table by 2pm for the floral delivery. My florist and her set-up team arrived at 2pm as planned, only to be told by my venue that they changed the schedule and would not set the dining tables until 6:15pm. This totally screwed up my florist, and it was up to the DOC I hired to make everything go smoothly given this monkeywrench. The venue didn't care because it was serving its own interest. But my DOC, who worked for me and only me, was fully vested in making my day into my dream, and she bent over backwards to work with my florist and make it right. And I just got to sit back and enjoy the day because I knew my DOC was in control and would handle any issues that arose. Her fee was worth it for my peace of mind.
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