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Wedding Ceremony at Cheesman - HELP!

Hey there! I really want to have my ceremony at Cheesman Park in the Memorial Structure. Does anyone have any information on tips of how to get this space? I know that I can't rent the park space until November 1st, but how early should I get there to stand in line at the office? Also, is this space still available to rent for a wedding? If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Wedding Ceremony at Cheesman - HELP!

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    We reserved our Wash Park Boathouse space on the morning of Nov. 1st a few years back and it wasn't too bad.  We were there an hour early and that seemed to be more than sufficient.

    Good luck getting the Memorial space!  That'll make for a great ceremony site!
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    I would assume if you called denver park and rec they'd be able to help you out.
    Sounds like an awesome place to have your wedding!
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    While not literally IN Cheesman Park, the Tears-McFarlane house is in the neighborhood and hosts weddings. I contacted them when I was looking at venues, and they were exceptionally reasonably priced. The only drawback (which may not be one to you), is that you would have to rent almost everything. But the venue fee I was quoted (for an early April wedding) was under $1000. I hope you get the Memorial Structure, but if it doesn't work out, check out the Tears-McFarlane house.
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    Hi there...I am a Denver based photog and I not only photographed a wedding at Cheeseman this year but a friend of mine got married there too (heres the link http://freshinlove.com/?p=883) They said you can just contact the office for info...although i think it is very popular on weekends so one of my weddings was on a Friday.
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