Reception sites?

Im in the very early stages of planning a wedding for next october and Im feeling very overwhelmed about finding a reception site. Everywhere we;ve looked we either havent liked it or its ridiculously expensive! Does anyone have any ideas on a venue?

Re: Reception sites?

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    Is there a specific price range, or area that you are looking to have the wedding?

    My reception was at Overhills Mansion in Catonsville, and I can't say enough great things about them
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    Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown had been great so far!
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    I understand what you're going through MBKsBride!  I am hoping to also get married Sept 2011 and I either love the place and can't afford it or hate the place and can!  Why are so many "mansions" decorated so stuffy...traditional decor with drab colors and heavy drapes and oriental rugs.  That works great if you're having a traditional affair but I'm looking for something more casual with natural ambiance.  I wish you the best of luck!
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    We want casual too! 

    We are also wanting to get married in Sept 2011. So many places are over $10,000... for about 75 people. And that means we would have to cut our guest list, which just sucks! 

    Mansions aren't our style... Hotels have ugly carpet... And we are not woodsy people. 


    i wish you luck! And us :( 
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    Depending on where you are, Easton MD has a place designated for events called Krystal Q. The venue is inexpensive but you have to have catering through them or an approved vendor. Also the Sandaway B&B in St Michaels is gorgeous. Also the Tilghman Inn or Perry Cabin. All except Krystal Q are beachy, and overlook water and also include indoor arrangements. Krystal Q was actually constructed for functions such as parties, weddings etc. Hope this helps!! There's also a gorgeous beach in Pasadena that even has wedding gardens. Md is really pricey for weddings though. Happy planning!
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