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  • who the hell cares enough to make a name like that? Wow that is just crazy, i did not know one could offend other countries completely & get away with it on tk. Crazy! I won't participate in such nonsense but there is a reason the USA is the most hated country & why they can't even go to cuba if your passport says you are from the USA & why if you go to the phillipines you should put canadian flag stickers on all your bags & pretend your canadian lol. 
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  • This person needs to get a life... And some open-mindedness would not be amiss, either. 
  • seriously??!? unreal.
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  • It was just a troll looking for a reaction. I agree that it's such a ridiculous waste of time but if that's what chokes their chicken...
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  • Lol I think its funny that people are insecure enough that they try and feel better about themselves, not by eating, not by being racist, not even by yoga or real life drama...but thinking that thier goal in life is to diss a country. Not the people in it, but the country itself. Pretty sure the land and the sea and the arbitrary lines on a map don't care.

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  • That was intense, I love it. Any publicity is good publicity I guess?
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