When you're not willing to settle...

When do you just say...let's elope. I've only been engaged and planning for about 6 weeks and I am so sure of what I do and don't want (as far a reception venue) and I have waited so long to find this man, and plan this wedding that I find myself totally unwilling to settle on anything but exactly what I want.And, I cannot find it. It does not exist here in Frankiln county and not in Champaign county either. I have now been throwing around the idea of either eloping or planning a destination wedding, My loving fiance says all that is important to him is that I show up to marry him, he doesn't care when or where. (LOVE this man.)   Does every bride feel this way? Am I being a slave to my idea and missing the big picture? I seem to be asking for alot of help ladies. Sorry.

Re: When you're not willing to settle...

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    I asked this about a week ago, I have been planing for around 7 months and it has been very stressful. Our budget is really high and i am uncomfortable with it. We originally thought about eloping but then we decided that we are going to have a ceremony and small get together, a causal party and it will cheaper and more of what we want. 
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    What are you looking for that you're not finding? If an elopment or DW fit your vision better than anything you've been able to find in central Ohio, I say go for it!
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    What kind of venues are you looking for? TK is a great place to look as well as Columbus Bride magazine. And heck, ask questions on here.

    Are you sure this is what both of you want? If you both are on board with the idea, then I say go for it as well. A larger wedding isn't for some people. As long as you both have given it thought and are sure you won't regret anything, then I don't see anything wrong with it especially if you are paying for things yourselves. Just remember that with a DW not everyone may be able to come regardless of STD's due to expenses of travel, etc.

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    In my head, I want this rustic barn/lodge/cabin with white lights. It doesn't have to be large just enought space for around 100 people. I want to do my own catering and have alcohol. This does not seem like alot to ask, but unfortunately I have only been able to find one place (which is beautiful and on a lake in Champaign county.) And since initially talking to the owner(?), where he told me we could do our own catering, but could not quote me a price or tell me if my wedding day was available, and I have called him everyday or everyother day for 3 weeks and can get no response. I just am starting to feel, that without this one thing checked off of my to-do list, the rest of my planning is at a standstill. It's so frustrating. I didn't even consider eloping  or a DW until I hit this snag. And I feel like I am becoming one of those brides that is so rigid and narrow minded. So focused on what she wants and only what she wants. Thank you ladies for your help. I know the important thing is that Josh & I love eachother and we decide together what we want.  But even though I love that he says he would marry me anywhere at anytime, let's face it.... that means that any final decision is still resting in my not so capable balled up fists. 
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    Regardless of what you guys decide, I think time is definitely on your side.
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    You have just under 13 months. You still have plenty of time. The problem seems to be that you are getting stressed out.
    Where is your ceremony? If you want a rustic venue, why do you want to elope or have a DW? Those don't fit your wants.
    White lights can be rented. Get on google and look up rustic wedding venues in Ohio. (no specific city.) Then pick a handful and go on a day trip with FI.

    Here is yahoo! answers. There's only two, but it's a start.

    HTH. GL!
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    Check out this old thread - http://columbus.weddings.com/Sites/Weddings/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_ohio-columbus_rustic-venue

    Someone had mentioned a farm outside of Lancaster that could be right up your alley.
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    check out The Smith Bros Loft and Venue (by the convention center downtown) or Via Vecchia Winery (south of the arena district). They have more of a rustic feel that i loved. If ur looking for more of the barn feel, check out White Star Farm just outside grove city and Barn at the Backwoods in Thornville!
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    Have you checked to see if Clifton Mills in Clark County will do weddings? I'm not sure if they allow alcohol but it IS a rustic venue. The website is cliftonmill.com. And also check out Simon Kenton Inn just north of Springfield. One of my friends just married there in July and she said it was a reasonable price. I'm not sure if they will allow you to bring your own catering.
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    Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark sounds a lot like what you're talking about love. I'm new here but I want to say Congrats and Good Luck!
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