kind of bummed about my dress

I picked up my dress today, it is a Sottero and Midgley Suzette and it just isn't what I want. I had my heart set on another style, but settled on this one because it was beautiful and in my price range and i hadn't been able to find exactly what I wanted. Low and behold, I go in to pick up my dress and my dream dress is in the window, and in my size. Now I am full of regret and buyers remorse. Has anyone else felt this way?

Re: kind of bummed about my dress

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    Yeah... I hated the gown I picked originally :/ 
    I ended up buying my "dream dress"  3 weeks before my wedding.. oi. 
    Pics of you in the gown you have now, and pics of the other one? 
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    I don't have pics of myself in the gown yet, picked it up today and no one could come with me.
    This is the dress I got...

    And this is the one I want...

    I am glad I am not the only one who has felt this way. I feel like I'm being bridezilla, but it makes me feel sick to think about having spent all this money on something that didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Do you have any regrets about getting two dresses firsttimersluck? Was it worth it to get your "dream dress"?
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    I felt like a bridezilla too, (and my entire wedding party will tell you I was far from one.. They actually wished I wasn't so laid back lol) but you love what you love.. IMO the first one is way prettier than the second. The second looks similar to the DB one. 
    I absolutely have no regrets... but my budget for my gown was 1g. my first gown was 300 and the second was 600 so... I was still right at my budget. It was totally worth it. I felt like a rockstar in that gown, but I also really didn't like the first gown to begin with. like.. not at all... It was an impulse to please everyone and get the hell out of the store. 
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    phonehome:  Do you regret going with a strapless gown?  You could totally have a seamstress alter the gown for you and add similar straps to the dress you want.

    I also agree with FTL, I like the first dress more.  The lace is prettier, and it looks way more original.  The 2nd dress (the one you want) looks pretty generic, imo.
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    I love the first one! The second one is pretty too but just like FTL and Mgoss said it's a little generic. However I understand that it may be how it fits your body that may be why you love the 2nd one more. I don't think you are crazy for feeling this way at all. I went through the same thing when picking my dress. I loved one that was $300 over my budget and everyone kept saying just to do it because it only happens once but my mindset was the same only I couldn't see spending that much on a 1 day outfit! I ended up finding a dress that I really loved and was within my budget and am glad I didn't waste the money (I will put it towards our honeymoon). As long as you feel beautiful then everything will be fine. And I am sure FI will love the dress you picked.
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    Did you talk with the boutique/bridal shop you got it at? I got my dress from designer Amy Kuschel, I fell in love with a dress and then when i went to pick it up my dream dress was in her new collection. I tried it on and was literally going to buy another dress but I spoke with Amy Kuschel's rep and they said I could get the second dress and my credit for the first one was applied to the second one. I am wearing two dresses for my wedding, a lace Amy Kuschel dress for the ceremony and a Vera Wang dress for the reception.

    How far out of your price range was what you want? Because if it isn't much I think you should try to make budget cuts in other aspects of your wedding.
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    And also, I agree with everyone the first dress is drop dead gorgeous, so original. The second dress looks old to me, not very original, done over and over again.
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    I do feel like a strapless gown was not the right decision. I have a large chest and I bought the size closest to my measurements, but feel like I don't like the cleavage. I don't want to worry about them hanging out on my wedding day. I have considered having a seamstress help out though.

    Thanks for the feedback, I was concerned that the one I bought was nothing original at all. I don't have the budget to get a new one, but I will figure it out. I think I was feeling overly emotional yesterday since I picked it up and saw the dress I wanted originally.

    I contacted the salon I got my gown from and am hoping I can let them know how unhappy I am with the fit and style and they can help me find a solution. They have been awesome so far, so I hope so!
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    They will probably help you find a solution by exchanging, or maybe help you add lacy sleeves? I think that would be stunning if the strapless deal is the issue.
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    GOOD IDEA Firsttimersluck! I think I may look into that. I tried on the dress again at the salon because I thought I could show her that the fit isn't great and I didn't wear a bra, and who would've thought, it fit better! I had a breakdown for no reason and turns out, there are a lot of solutions. Thanks for the info, support, and opinions everyone!
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    oh yay!! 
    I'm glad you're feeling better about your gown now :] next time, pics. With you. 
    In the dress. We (ok.. IIII... :P ) demand it! tehehehe
    I'm so glad to hear you're not as stressed about the gown now! Can't wait to know what you ultimately choose to do !
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