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So I have a ways to go before our wedding. It'll be sometime in 2013, we just haven't been able to decide on a date. He wants something fun (11/12/13 example), but most of my family/friends are coming in from out of state so it has to be a weekend thing, rather than a weekday. SOOOO...anyways,

I have been wracking my brain, trying to come up with at least general ideas of who/what/where, etc... so i can put a budget together since we are paying for this all on our own. I think I have found our reception spot (Niko's Landing in Comstock), but there are so few choices for the ceremony, and we don't want to have it in a church. We are both very laid back people, and wanted to have a country/laid back wedding, but are not finding many places that fit that bill.

Any suggestions?!?!  Like I said, I know it's far off, and minds can change, etc...but any help anyone has on this would be awesomely appreciated! :)

OOOH, and if anyone knows bridal shops in the area that carry Maggie Sottero dresses....that would be awesome too! :) From the first time I saw a Maggie Sottero, I knew it would either be a dress of theirs, or an Alfred Angelo.

Thanks guys! Smile

Re: Kalamazoo Area

  • ajsbrs2011ajsbrs2011 member
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    I would go to Becker's Bridal (in Fowler) to look for a Maggie dress.  Fowler is just north of Lansing, which isn't that bad of a drive from Kzoo.  Their website lists that they are an authorized dealer, so I am hoping they have a decent selection - as I have a few favorites.  I am going there next month to find a dress, so I can keep you posted.   
  • IrishDreamerIrishDreamer member
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    That would be awesome! :) I saw on their website that they are a dealer, but have never heard of Fowler before haha! I appreciate it!
  • SnippylynnSnippylynn member
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    I was going to suggest Brook Lodge, but it looks like it was closed by MSU (total shame). If you want a more country kind of atmosphere, you could go for the Blue Dress Barn towards St. Joseph or their new place, which I forget the name of.
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    I am getting Married this October at Yarrow in Augusta, it's BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend them to anyone, they have been great to work with!!

    Planning Bio

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  • IrishDreamerIrishDreamer member
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     Those shoes are awesome! :) And I will definitely look into that :)
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    May I suggest a wedding photographer once you have your plans underway.  Very affordable and does great work!  H.Dalimonte Photography
  • Aholton88Aholton88 member
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    Memories Bridal also carries maggie.. its downtown k-zoo
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