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get your sleep now...

i've got 7 days left till the big day and I'm already having trouble falling asleep because of that excited feeling and mind racing...wonder what it will be like the night before!! haha Get your rest while you can the week to 2 weeks prior is exhausting, in an exciting and stressful way...everything is going well overall, but those little things this close to the big day just seem to swallow you! My best advice to you who still have some time, when the draws near, try your very hardest not to sweat the small stuff (and i know that's a lot easier said then done). I just keep telling myself when things go wrong....no one is going to leave the wedding saying wow did you see that _____(insert small thing that didn't go exactly as planned).... :)

Best of luck to everyone, not sure how much more I'll be able to make it on here...except at this rate it might be what i do every night when I can't fall asleep. haWink
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