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I wore my judgy pants again yesterday

DH's coworker's wife called him yesterday to tell him their son wants to stay home from school.  Coworker asks what's wrong.  The kid has a huge rash on his face from his xbox headset and is embarassed.

The kid is 11 and plays so much xbox the headset gives him rashes.

Coworker told DH they're having a come-to-jesus about this damn xbox.

My question:  What the hell do they think he's doing for hours on end?  They're obviously not interacting with him at all, so this really shouldn't be so much of a surprise.

Re: I wore my judgy pants again yesterday

  • That's totally side-eye worthy.  Drag the damn kid off the machine and IDK, *talk* to him.  WTF?

    The kiddo has a PS3 and a nice TV in his room, but neither one is on very much at all.  Especially during the week.   The kiddo gets bored with video games after about an hour or so.

  • Son loves video games as much as DH and I, but we have rules.

    I'm just shocked that they think playing the xbox is the whole issue. 

  • Well, an inanimate object can't tell you that your parenting skills suck.  :)
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