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Day-of Makeup for a non-makeup wearer!! HELP!

I never wear makeup except for eye stuff. I have tried moisturizers with hints of foundation and about 5 other $10-$20 a pop foundations with primer and finishing powder. I still feel fake and have spent way too much $$! I get shiny later and everything rubs off. I need suggestions, PLEASE! Just to list, I have tried Bare Escentuals, Revlon, Almay, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Cover Girl, Mary Kay. I think that's all of them. Also, I refuse to pay someone to do my makeup, especially since my wedding is in the middle of the Hill Country and the travel costs alone are not worth it!

Re: Day-of Makeup for a non-makeup wearer!! HELP!

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    I hear a lot of ladies that love MAC makeup. Using this foundation with a primer should keep you from getting shiny. I wear Bare Escentuals everyday and I get shiny also, but I'm having a MUA do mine for my wedding and she also uses MAC. Can you go to a MAC makeup counter near you and have a trial done to see how you like it? Then you can purchase knowing you have a good product. Also maybe try new face washes for oily skin, that may cut down on the shine as well.
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  • Are you putting on moisturizer before your foundation or 'tinted moisturizer'?  It seems conterintuitive, but if you're getting shiny you're probably putting make up on skin that is too dry - your pores feel parched and over compensate.

    I like Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer and Radiance Primer.  It's not cheap but it's super light and natural looking and super low maintainance:  I wash my face, dry, put on moisturizer, wait a minute, put on the primer, wait another minute, put on the tinted moisturizer - done.  I put on all 3 layers just like you probably do moisturizer - just dump a little in my hands, rub together and then go over my whole face.  Some times if I'm blotchy or have a zit I'll dab on a little extra with my finger.
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