June 2012 Weddings

6/23 Recap- PIP heavy.

My day had it fair share of hiccups. When my mom picked up the cake, she noticed it was rather plain. It was supposed to be navy ribbon with icing dots, we were putting on fresh hydrangea for a topper. Turned out, they did TURQUOISE ribbon with plain plain icing, no design at all. So frustrating. My MIL fixed it some-what, but it still looked awful. My grandmother also commented on how awful the grooms cake tasted.

When I got to the church, the preacher came in and asked for my marriage license. I couldn't find it. I was FREAKING out..... so we got married without a license. I found it the next day in my room, safe and sound. It was definitely the worst part of my day though.

Directly after the ceremony, my cousin (and BM, who also did my hair+makeup) was SOBBING as she was coming back down the aisle. She proceeded to throw up 4x in the bathroom and ended up in the ER from a major migrane.

We also had about 20 people that RSVP'd 'yes' not show up. All in all though, it was a really great day and I couldn't have asked for more (except maybe a pretty cake that tasted good..... but we raised hell and got all our $$ back).

After the wedding at the bar at the hotel... we got 2 free drinks each!

My sweet boys!

Married 6/23/2012 Photobucket

Re: 6/23 Recap- PIP heavy.

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