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Had my first bad experience today with my wedding plans. I'm posting what I sent the owner of Bill Miller's Castle in Branford, CT. Wish us better luck with the other venues.

Hi Cheri,

         unfortunately I'm going to have to cancel our scheduled appointment. After our conversation this afternoon, I'm not feeling very confident that I'd be comfortable having my wedding at your facility. I appreciate your time. I respect the fact that you were honest with me about your feelings and beliefs of not being comfortable to help me and my partner with coordinating our special day, but this does impact us not wanting to patronize your establishment. 

Regards, Michelle & Alicia

Re: Venue to avoid

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    Sorry to hear this!  I am just appalled that even in Connecticut, where same-sex marriage is legal, there are still vendors dragging their feet on entering the 21st century.
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    I'm sorry to hear this as well. Good luck in finding a friendly venue :-)
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    Make sure you post this on your local board too.

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    I'm sorry. I just can't believe we're in the 21st century and we still have huge issues with homosexuality. I mean really this woman would rather sacrifice a potential client because of her views? Clearly she doesn't know much about business. More importantly she just shunned the gay community and not only that but word travels fast. You're going to find a better & greater venue!! Hang in there! The only one missing out is Bill Miller's stupid Castle ;)
  • alisonzalisonz member
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    That is really saddening, I'm sorry it was your first experience. My wife and I only experienced people who were really excited to work with us and eager to work on a gay wedding. You will find the perfect venue and forget that Bill Miller's Castle ever existed!

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience :( Hope you have better luck on your venue.
    Good luck!!
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    So much for CT recognizing gay marraige. Please post this on the local board so CT girls can see this too.
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    I had that problem with our photographer :( SO unfortunate! Of course, I'm not in CT but Denver is on it's way to equality (slowly but surely). So sorry to hear that!
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    thanks for the post. i saw this venue and thought it was cute, i guess its out the pic. sorry to hear about this good luck in finding a venue. i my self am looking for one in ct. so if you have any other suggestions id love to hear.
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