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Head tables are so cheesy


Re: Head tables are so cheesy

  • Agreed.  And especially awkward if you're in the BP and your date is sitting elsewhere and doesn't know anyone.
  • I cant even see how thats cheesy?!
    its nice for everyone to see the bride and groom and the wedding party especially during speeches!
    i think sweetheart tables are tacky - i want to share the day with my family and i want to sit with them!
    our wedding party - me, H2B, MOB & FOB, MOG & FOG, Chief Bridesmaid and Best man will be on a long top table and everyone else is on oval tables with the best view of us - they are their to see us after all!
  • They're there to see you or celebrate with you?
  • The couple that held an engagement party for our DS and his FI put them at a sweetheart table. The rest of us were in groups at square tables.   To me it seemed like the honored couple was being excluded, rather than making them feel special.  They couldn't chat with guests while they ate. Yes, they could chat with each other but they also wanted to visit with their family and friends. I don't like sweetheart tables for this reason.  I know a lot of people on here really love them and that's fine, we're all entitled to our own opinions and mine is that I really don't like them.
  • I don't understand how either a sweetheart table or a head table is either tacky or cheesy. I can see tacky for a head table if the dates of the WP aren't included, but otherwise, I just think it's a matter of preference. FWIW, we had a sweetheart table and really enjoyed getting to sit together and enjoy our first meal as husband and wife alone. I'd been dealing with family and friends all day long; I wanted to enjoy my husband! We got to sit and talk about our day and the wedding without any interruptions. Then we did table visits and got to chat with friends and family some more.
  • I vote for sweetheart table. 
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  • mwhitson I didn't say a sweetheart table is tacky.
  • No, don't think they're cheesy at all.  The point is to make you and your groom feel special!  I don't care for the sweetheart table because it's almost "too" private.  I'd want to be surrounded by our wedding party who are our closest friends. That's also why you plan your guest tables properly so that significant others of your wedding party can sit wth others they know.  Not to mention, you sit at the head table for only a short time to eat/do speeches and then they're free to go mingle.  I don't see the big deal.  To each their own!
  • Do whatever works for you. For me I will prob have a table like all the other tables. Although the bridal party might sit at the table with us, since they are all married couples and our closest friends.

  • I really don't care. But I think they're gauche if 1) There are 20 people in the wedding party and 2) the WP's SOs are seated separately.

    If the SOs are included, or the B&G sit with their MOH and BM and their dates, or their parents, or their siblings, I think that's their choice and it is perfectly fine.

    FWIW, we're doing a sweetheart table.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Head tables are so cheesy</a>:
    [QUOTE]mwhitson I didn't say a sweetheart table is tacky.
    Posted by sophistryliz[/QUOTE]

    Oh I know, I was responding to another poster that said one of them was tacky. I just was covering all bases by saying sweetheart and/or head is neither tacky nor cheesy.
  • I too like the idea of a sweetheart table because I would like to have our time together as we eat, and then go and mingle with the guests. I prefer to have our wedding party sit with their dates because I think it will be a lot more fun for everyone including their dates/significant others. I personally don't see the point in a head table other than to force your wedding party to sit and stare longingly at the tables their dates are at and forcing the dates to be miserable during dinner.

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  • To me the word that springs to mind is "dated" not cheesy.
  • We're doing a head table, but all of our bridal party's dates are sitting with them at the head table.  So I don't know if that really counts as a head table.  I think the coordinator referred to it as a "harvest table".


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  • I kind of think sweetheart tables are cheesy, but like anything else it's just a matter of personal preference.  I was on the fence about head table vs. sweetheart table at first.  We were leaning towards sweetheart so out attendants could sit with their dates, until my sister said that she was glad she did a big head table because no one bothered her and her husband while they ate.  After polling a bunch of people, the general concensus was that people with a head table were generally left alone during dinner, whereas people with a sweetheart table had people constantly coming up to then to talk, take pictures, etc., so thier intimate table for two ended up being anything but (not to mention they didn't get to eat).  So we went with a head table.  Not that I'm advocating being antisocial at the reception or anything, but it would be nice a have ten minutes or so to eat dinner in peace, then we can make the rounds at the guest tables when we are ready.

    Plus our wedding party's dates all know other people at the wedding, and we hope that people spend more time on the dance floor than in their seats anyway, so that made it an easy decision.  :)
  • I also think this is on of the most overthought topics on here. On a level of things that I see as cheesy at weddings, this is number 3847389478 on the list.

    Just let people sit with their dates and you got it locked.
  • I wouldn't want to be separated...I'd want people coming up to us and talking to us at our sweetheart table.

  • I've actually heard the opposite about sweetheart tables - that's the one time you get a calm moment. Who the hell interrupts a newly wed couple when they're trying to catch a break and have dinner?
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  • felicia220felicia220 member
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    You should add RUDE to cheesy, oh and 1972 called they want their head table back!

    Oh and just to clarify a traditional head table ONLY includes the WP, NO SOs, just rude!
  • I don't necessarily think head tables are cheesy, but they can be rude. I will be having my MOH & her date and his BM & Wife at the head table with us. The rest of my WP Will be seated at another table close by that will include all of their SO's/dates.
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    I don't like either. I want to sit at all the tables!!! But we're havin' a small wedding so...
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:200a9533-95ce-4c58-b689-e02804358d7bPost:310db088-2aff-45c8-a7c3-c5ecc1affa7c">Re: Head tables are so cheesy</a>:
    [QUOTE]You should add RUDE to cheesy, oh and 1972 called they want their head table back! Oh and just to clarify a traditional head table ONLY includes the WP, NO SOs, just rude!
    Posted by felicia220[/QUOTE]

    Amen! (I'm not religious but this comment compelled me to say that.)
  • i really hate the sweetheart table idea, and it's exactly what we're having lol. we didn't want to do a head table because it would break up couples, which is not okay. we then were thinking of just sitting with the BP, but due to the amount of people involved, that just didn't work out. so we ended up at a sweetheart table, exactly where i didn't want to be. whatever.
  • We haven't gone over this yet (our wedding's not til June 2011), but I really want to do a sweetheart table.  I want some moments for ourselves during the reception apart from the first dance.

    The head table just looks strange to me.  It's just a little too... out there for me.  Our WP consists of TWO people and I still wouldn't want to do it.
  • At a friend's wedding, the sweetheart table was all the way across the room from the other tables, which made it seem really un approachable and detached. FI doesn't want a sweetheart table because he doesn't like people to watch him eat.

    We will probably have  a table with our 3 attendants and their SOs, which makes 7 people, since my little sis is single. I think that our centerpiece and place settings will be more elaborate than other tables, but who knows.. we still have 8 months to figure it out.
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  • I also vote Sweetheart Table.. I've been a BM before where I had to sit at the head table and it was awful. I don't understand the point of sitting all in a line on display and separating your closest friends and family from their SO's.

    FI and I chose to have a sweetheart table so we can have a few minutes alone to take everything in together before getting back up to party! Plus all our friends who have done a sweetheart table LOVED it and highly recommend having one.
  • Sweetheart table: depending on the couple, can be gross and/or cheesy.
    Head table: awkward, never liked them. But turns out we are kind of having one.

    IMO, the point of a head table is to let you eat dinner with all of the people closest to you (your WP). However, when you're all side-by-side at a long banquet-style table so everyone can "see you", and you can't really communicate more than one or two people down, it kind of defeats the purpose, now doesn't it? We are having a head table, but it's just a regular round table for six. (It's just us and two attendants each. Plus, all of their dates at least have acquaintances coming to the wedding.) So we can actually see each other, and, you know, talk.
  • We are having long head table for the WP and their dates. It works for us though due to the shape of the venue. I don't have a problem with either of them but like others have said it does suck to be seperated from your date.
  • We did a head table, and it worked. Granted there was 1 couple we split up, but I didn't feel bad because they started dating after we had already decided what we were doing and I didn't feel like we needed to change it just because of that. Plus, the only time she was up there was while she was eating and during the toasts. All the rest of the time they were together, so it wasn't a big deal.

    I don't think they're cheesy, and like PP's have said it's about personal preference. But I think head tables and sweetheart tables and everything in between can work out, and it's about what feels right for the venue and WP and most of all the bride & groom.
  • cbmtcbmt member
    I don't think they are cheesy.  It's not my preference though.  I am doing a sweetheart table and doing reserved tables for the bridal party and their guest. 
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