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What's the new cupcake?

Cupcakes will forever be delicious, but trend wise- they have to be over. Is designer donuts the new thing? Is that over now too?
I mean cupcakes were big since pomegranates had their time and since then we already got the acai berry, goji, yerba mate, etc... What's the new cupcake? 

I've heard about designer ice pops but they aren't really servable at a wedding. What do you think is next? 

Re: What's the new cupcake?

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    I'm doing cupcakes, so does that mean my wedding is outdated? 
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  • BrambleBerryBrambleBerry member
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    No! Absolutely not--- cupcakes are delicious. I mean I'm doing a cake- how old school is that ? haha. I'm just talking about food trends in general
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    I see what you mean by it.  None of us ar e"Dated" by serving cupcakes or tiered cake but cupcakes definitely have been a trend lately. 
    I see cheesecakes or dessert bars (lots of different types of desserts served buffet style) being the next big "trend"
    However, I don't think anyone will look back on cupcakes saying "that was so 2011".
    People are always looking for ways to make their wedding unique or different, so I think desserts will always have some sort of trend.
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    I think that pie is the new "cupcake" (at least at restaurants). 

    And cupcakes aren't "dated" but it's not the sort of thing that's going to surprise anyone anymore.   Like wearing converse sneakers with a tux. Done and done. 
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    I'm predicting the next food trend to be pie.

    Cupcakes and cake pops are still hugely popular though! 

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    I vote for macarons. :)
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    "Cake Pops" are the new "cupcakes" for trendy weddings and special events. 

    We're having cupcakes though :)
  • peanutty2peanutty2 member
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    i'm never trendy lol but from what i've heard ... cake pops (or are they over now too? i just found out about them lol) and pies :)  i'm very happy about the pie, hope that one stays around!
  • ShakeUpTampaShakeUpTampa member
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    I'm doing cupcakes and cheesecake squares because half my guests don't like cheesecake and half love it I was not going to buy a ton of one or the other and be stuck with it, so we are cutting into a cheesecake we love and have that flavor in both options as well.
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    I thought cake pops were the new "thing"?
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    Cake pops are pretty trendy...
    I gotta say, I was truly against the idea of cupcakes. I'd never seen them presented in a way I liked...they were just so...trendy trendy trendy. UNTIL I met my baker, that is!! I'm doing 2 tiers of cupcakes with a cake as the top tier. Looks awesome.

     I think that since cupcakes are so very practical--they're affordable and people actually EAT them--they've carved out a permanent niche for themselves :)

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    Cake Balls!!!!
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